Video Classes

A Video Class is a college credit class which uses cable television, streaming video and online interaction, DVDs, and 5 to 7 campus meetings to deliver instruction. Video Classes include video programs, textbooks, assignments, examinations, and class discussion. This type of class allows students to study and complete class work when and where it is convenient for them to do so. Student/instructor interaction occurs online and at scheduled campus meetings. The class syllabus, other instructional materials, and streaming videos are accessed through the Blackboard online system. Videos are also available on cable television and via DVD checkout at the San Marcos campus and the Escondido Education Center libraries. Video Classes are academically equivalent to traditional campus classs, and satisfy pre-collegiate, elective, or general education requirements toward certificate or A.A. degree programs.

Video Class FAQ’s

1. What is a Video Class online?

A Video Class online is the same as a regular video class; however, instead of attending 5-7 meetings on campus you complete the classwork online. Most video classes online require attending an on-campus orientation. Students use the Blackboard system to complete the classwork online.

2. How do I enroll in a Video Class?

You enroll the same way you would for a regular classroom class. Go to the Palomar College website then click on Apply for Admission.

3. Can I take a Video Class if I don’t have cable or PCTV does not broadcast in my area?

Yes, you can. Students can view their video lessons online by using the Blackboard system or via DVD checkout at the libraries on the San Marcos campus and the Escondido Education Center.

4. Do the classs air on any satellite channels?

No, we do not air on satellite, but you can still take one of our classes by checking out DVDs or watching the videos online via the Blackboard system.

5. What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the online course management system used at Palomar College. With Blackboard, instructors can create and deliver online course material, manage discussion groups and chat rooms, and administer on-line tests. You can view your courses at any time and from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser.

6. How do I login to Blackboard?

Go to and click on Login. You will then be asked for your username and password. Your 9 digit student ID number is your username, and your password is the same password you used to register in eservices.

7. How do I get help with logging into Blackboard?

For assistance with Blackboard, please contact the Academic Technology Resource Center help site.

8. How can I contact my instructor?

You can look up your instructor’s contact information online at or call the Palomar College San MarcosCampus for assistance at 760-744-1150.

9. What happens if I miss or cannot attend one of the seminars or orientation?

You must attend the orientation and all of the seminars in order to receive an evaluative grade or credit. If you have an emergency and cannot make it to your class, please email or call your instructor.

10. Why is my class in Blackboard listed as unavailable?

If you log into Blackboard, and can see your class listed, but it is marked as “unavailable”, DO NOT PANIC!
You are actually enrolled in the class, but the instructor has not yet made the course site available for students to use. Blackboard classs are normally made available by the instructor on the Friday before the semester begins.

11. How do I get my class materials?

Log into Blackboard at

12. How do I know which book to buy if the outline is not available?

To visit the bookstore website click here.

13. How do I find out when my video lessons air on cable TV?

For general broadcast information and specific program airtimes click here.

14. What if my lesson did not air at its regularly scheduled time?

Call the Palomar College Television office at 760-744-1150, ext. 2431 and notify us of the problem. If we encountered technical difficulties in broadcasting your lesson, PCTV will schedule a time and day to re-air the program. We will send a notice to your Palomar College email with information about when your lesson will be re-aired.