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Palomar Powered Professional Development

Register for PD Workshops using the 3PD Portal. To access the 3PD Portal click on the menu button that says “3PD Portal (Click Here)

Professional Development News and Announcements:

  • Would you like to lead a Professional Development workshop this semester?  Please submit a Request to Present a Workshop form and we will add your workshop to the Workshop Calendar in the 3PD Portal (VRC).  We would love to offer more workshops led by our employees on ways to help all of us work successfully in a remote environment.
  • The PFF has signed an MOU with the district to be able to continue paying our PT Faculty extra compensation to complete our Palomar Online Education Training (POET).  The Fall MOU is not tied to workload and rather is available to ALL Part-Time Faculty with or without a workload who have not yet completed the *new* POET course, this means even PT Faculty who are not teaching this semester can complete the *new* POET course and get paid for 10 hours through Professional Development.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please review the Fall 2020 Instructions for Earning 10 extra PD Hours of Pay for POET.

Need help learning about our PD program or using the 3PD Portal?

Palomar College Board Policy 7160: “All eligible employees will be afforded opportunities and encouraged to participate in professional development/professional growth activities.”  Beginning in Fall 2017 our Professional Development Program transitioned to be for ALL Palomar employees! We are Better Together!  We are HAPPY!