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Faculty PD Requirement or Eligibility

Faculty, please review Article 10 of the PFF contract for PD requirement/eligibility.

Full-Time Faculty are required to complete 42 hours of Professional Development across the year.

Part-Time Faculty are eligible for extra compensation for completing PD hours during the Fall and Spring semesters.  The amount of hours you are eligible to be compensated for is based on a percentage of your workload as recorded in PeopleSoft.  If you are primarily an Adjunct Faculty member you will see your workload and eligible hours calculation on your welcome page when you log in to the 3PD Portal.  If you are primarily a staff member who is also teaching part-time, you will not see the calculation on your welcome page, but can see if under “My Account” by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the welcome page.  If you believe your workload is not correct, you will need to contact your Academic Department Assistant to check on your workload in PeopleSoft, we cannot change it in the portal, it must be changed in PeopleSoft.  The calculation is explained in  Article 10 of the PFF contract.

If you are new to Professional Development, please follow these  steps to learn more about the program and how to register and complete PD Hours:

  1. Video: Introduction to Professional Development at Palomar College
  2. Flyer: Welcome to our PalomarPowered Professional Development Program! 
  3. Instruction Guide: Review the 3PD Portal Guide to learn how to access the 3PD Portal (a part of the CCC Vision Resource Center)

How do you know if you have completed your PD Hours?

Check your Completed Hours Dashboard in the 3PD Portal to see the hours that you have officially completed.  What you see on your dashboard is what is officially reported as completed.

I am a Part-Time Faculty member, can I roll over hours from Fall to Spring?

No.  Only hours completed from August 1st- December 1st are included for your Fall total and only hours officially completed from January 1st to May 1st are included in your Spring total.

Need additional help using the 3PD Portal? 3PD Portal Frequently Asked Questions (you will be prompted to log-in to the 3PD Portal through our Single Sign On)