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Palomar College Learning For Success

Reimagine Palomar

We are excited to announce a campus-wide book club for the Spring 2017!  We will be reading and discussing the book “Redesigning America’s Community Colleges: A Clearer Path to Student Success”.  We hope the entire college will join in this important conversation on how we can increase student success at Palomar.

A big thank you to Student Success and Equity for purchasing 850 books!  You can pick up a copy of the book at Spring Plenary, at the Instruction Office (AA-104), or the PD Office (NS-129).

We will be having chapters discussion bi-weekly and you can also participate in the conversations by visiting the chapter blog posts on the PD blog.

Please print out the following document which includes the schedule of coffee talks, as well as, helpful reading guides for each chapter.




Professional Development for ALL employees!

Hello Everyone!  Did you know there was a bill passed focused on ensuring California Community Colleges were providing Professional Development for all employees, not just faculty?  Although Palomar has always believed in providing learning for all employees it is now time to make this official.  We are currently working on an adjustment to our governance structure to blend the Professional Development Advisory Board and the Staff Development and Training Committee.

Here is a short presentation on the history of this change and a possible plan of action:

Here is the possible governance structure for the new Professional Development Committee:

If you would like to see Ed Code and Title 5 for Professional Development please click here.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please comment to this post or you can add comments directly to the Google Slide presentation and documents above (just open them in Google Drive).

PD Webinar: What is the CIE?

Live webinar Wednesday September 28th, 5pm

Have you heard of the Comet Information Exchange, or what we refer to as the CIE?  Do you know what it is and why we created it?  In this live webinar, Dean Shayla Sivert and myself (Kelly Falcone) will explain the history of the CIE and give you the opportunity to ask us questions about it or give us some constructive feedback.  We hope to “see” you live on Wednesday at 5:00pm!

If you have questions during the webinar please post comments in Youtube, or on the PD Blog.


Open Source Maker Lab

A big thank you to the North County Professional Development Federation (NCPDF) for setting up a tour of the Open Source Maker Lab in Vista!  If you have not been to this space you have to see it!

The Open Source Maker Labs is a high-tech digital fabrication lab, where members can learn, collaborate, innovate, design, and build almost anything! Makers of all ages and skill levels have access to a wide range of tools, equipment, resources, and workspace. The space also provides an open environment where members can gain inspiration and skills from each other. Come develop skills, learn concepts, and explore ideas!

What a great way to learn by doing!


Assessment Day Mini Conference

On behalf assessment-day-mini-conference-flyer-1of everyone who attended the Assessment Day Mini-Conference I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to Wendy Nelson and the Learning Outcomes Council for having Tom Angelo come to Palomar College!  What an awesome day of learning!

I know there were many people who wanted to attend, but had other conflicting responsibilities.  For those who attended, please share with us your takeaways!

What “aha” moments did you have?

In what ways can you apply what you learned at the conference to your classes?

How has your view of assessment changed?

How do you make assessment meaningful and relevant for your students?

Teaching Men of Color in the Community College

Did you know you can take the formal training course offered through the Minority Male Community College Collaborative (M2C3) called Teaching Men of Color in the Community College?

Thanks to our Student Equity Funds we are a member of M2C3 and this provides us the opportunity to take this $200 course for FREE!


Take some classes for PD hours!

Did you know you can take classes and earn Professional Development hours?

Did you also know you get 15% off  courses through the University of Redlands?

Through a new partnership with the University of Redlands, Palomar College employees and spouses receive a 15% Discount!  Please check out the attached flyer for more information:


If you are interested in earning PD for doing course work please use the following self-designed PD code:

Do Course Work in One’s Field (PD code #117)

PD Hours:     Variable, depending on participation

Description:    Upper division or graduate-level coursework related to the discipline or to post-secondary education is acceptable.  Lower division courses that the faculty member has not taught or taken, but that are in the faculty member’s service area, have been approved.  Use your best professional judgment when estimating the number of hours spent in class and completing assignments.

Plenary Presentations Fall 2016

I hope you enjoyed plenary this year as much as I did!  It was wonderful to welcome everyone back for the school year and hear from our leaders. If you were not able to make it, here are the presentations: