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Self-Designed External Training

Are you looking for some more flexibility for your Professional Development?

If you would rather learn on your own time, you can choose from numerous self-designed PD opportunities.  In our  PD software program self-designed training is termed External Training.  To add External Training to your Learning Transcript you have to go to the 3PD Portal and go to My Transcript, then choose click on Options and select Add External Training.   You will then be able to add the details of the self-designed external training and select the appropriate self-designed workshop category.

Important Note:  You cannot mark an External Training complete until the end date you entered has past!  Faculty- Be sure the end date for your External Training is at least a couple days before the PD deadline so you have time to mark it as complete.

VIDEO TUTORIAL:  Click here for a video to walk you through the steps

Here are the Pre-Approved External Training (self-designed) Training Categories