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Featured Classes • Spring 2018

M 1:00-2:05 PM, W 1:00-1:50 PM, and F 1:00-4:05 PM • PAC 127 • Chris Sinnott
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Tuesdays • 12:45-3:55 PM • PAC 127 • Michael Mufson •
TA 119• Voice and Speech  • 32805
TA 216 • Acting IV • 33101

Shakespeare's rich and sensual language lies at the core of bringing his characters and actions to life.  In this Studio, we will use Shakespeare scenes and speeches to explore and expand the expressive potential of our voices to play the truth and intensity of his situations. We will:

  • Analyze the text to find all the opportunities for resonance, rhythm, meaning, and metaphor.
  • Experience the pleasure of embodying the text through breath, body energies and the sensations produced by the action of speaking the word/thoughts.
  • Explore the dynamic range of the voice as an instrument to affect our scene partners as we pursue objectives and actions in charged relationships with high stakes.
  • Develop the precision and power of the voice to clearly communicate complex thoughts and poetic imagery.
  • Seek the depths of introspection and vulnerability discoverable in, "the voice and utterance of my tongue." (From Julius Caesar)
  • Learn to love Shakespeare's language of action and all the stimulus it feeds the actor.