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TA 100 • Intro to Theatre • 3 Units • Fall 2018

TA 100 | 3 Sections Available

MW • 9:35-11:00 AM • PAC 127 • Michael Mufson • 71689
TTH • 9:35-11:00 AM • D-6 • Dana Case • 71692

TuTh 3:55PM - 5:20PM • PAC 127 • Dana Case • 71705

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You will love TA 100!

Introduction to theatre is a great way to fulfill your Arts & Humanities requirement or to start your journey as a theatre-maker.

  • Active learning environment
  • Dynamic, Interactive and engaging activities
  • Get to know your fellow students
  • Explore self-expression and communication
  • Examine the mysteries of human behavior

Acquire the soft skills employers are looking for including:

  • Collaboration
  • Creative problem solving
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Self-awareness
  • Resillience

The Greeks called the theater the seeing place.

We call the theater a seeking place.

We seek to see our world reflected in a way that yields insight into the many facets of The Human Condition.

We seek the comfort of being in the presence of other human beings, for a shared experience.

We seek a vision of transformation that shows us that human beings can change and that the troubles of our world can be improved.

We seek to know ourselves better as individuals and as a society.