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Remote Theatre Classes and Productions – Fall 2020

Palomar College Theatre Classes create a safe, brave and supportive environment to explore your potential to develop in the craft and art of theatre.  Whether you are curious about the skills of acting or making backstage magic happen, we have a class for you.  We are a welcoming community for all people and look forward helping you discover yourself in the theatre.



Our remote acting classes on Zoom create an atmosphere similar to the face-to-face acting class.  Students gather on Zoom in a workshop environment for an engaging and interactive experience to develop acting skills for live theatre and camera work.  These are also great classes to explore your confidence and communication skills and to expand your appreciation for the range of human behavior.

A graduate of The Actors Studio Drama School at the New School for Social Research, Fran Gercke is an award winning actor and director and has been an instructor in San Diego at the college level and privately for the past 19 years.  In 2001, Gercke co-founded New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad and served as the artistic director until 2008. From July 2008 through August 2010, he worked with Cygnet Theatre as the associate artistic director. He is a member of Actor’s Equity Association and has worked professionally in San Diego with such companies as the San Diego Repertory Theatre, Cygnet Theatre, Lambs Players Theatre, North Coast Repertory Theatre, ion theatre, Moonlight Stage Productions, New Village Arts, and Sledgehammer Theatre.

MICHAEL A MUFSON  is a director, theatre-maker and performance artist who specializes in creating collaborative performance works on topical subjects.  He is currently Professor of Theatre Arts at Palomar College.  Michael has trained with some of the most influential acting teachers and directors of the contemporary theatre.  He was a participant in Jerzy Grotowski’s intensive training program at the University of California, Irvine where he practiced Grotowski’s adaptation of Stanislavki’s method of physical actions as well as other approaches to physical and vocal training, the creation of original performance work and the roots of theatre in ritual.  He has trained with Anne Bogart and the SITI company in Viewpoints and Composition.  Michael has also trained in the Japaneese approach of Tadashi Suzuki at StageWest and participated in numerous Theatre of the Oppressed workshops with Augusto Boal and other practitioners.  Michael sums up his philosophy of theatre, "Theatre is a vital part of community.  Nowhere else do you have a group of people coming together to share and experience a form of expression which is uniquely human, where the material is forged directly from the heart and soul of our humanity."

Francis Gercke

Michael Mufson

TA 115 Acting I | 2 Sections Available
MW • 11:10 AM - 12:35 PM • Zoom • Francis Gercke • 71328 • 3 Units
TTH • 11:10 AM - 12:35 PM • Zoom • Michael Mufson • 71326 • 3 Units

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Acting Studio • Combined Acting II, III, IV  
TTh • 12:45 - 2:10 PM • Zoom • Francis Gercke• 3 Units

This combined acting studio empowers students to develop skills appropriate to their level under the guidance of experienced theatre professionals.

TA 116 Acting II • 76095
TA 215 Acting III • 75544
TA 216  Acting IV • 75545

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Rehearsal and Performance

Our live theatre productions this Fall will be rehearsed and performed live on Zoom.  Although less than ideal, Zoom Theatre thrives on the most important aspect of theatre - it's liveness.  Although we are not in shared physical space, the shared virtual space of the Zoom event creates the excitement, spontaneity, urgency and connection we value in the live theatre event. Our Spring 2020 original productions of Haunted in Quarantine and This Tiny House were very successful on  Zoom and we continue to explore and learn how to make the most of this new architecture for theatre.

Production One: Spinning Into Butter by Rebecca Gilman
Performances- October 2-11; Rehearsals- August 31-October 1 • M-F 6:30-10:00 PM on Zoom
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Production Two: Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (adaptation to be determined)
Performances - December 4-13; Rehearsals October 12-December 3 • M-F 6:30-10:00 PM on Zoom
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It's Monumental . . . Ending The Silence (Campus Engagement Through The Arts)

This project is open to students, faculty, staff and community members interested in using art and communications to explore the dynamics of racism/anti-racism, anti-blackness, white supremacy culture and the fluid concepts that develop as we expand our understanding of these phenomena in our culture.  We hope to create short plays, monologues, poems, songs, solo dances, visual art, video art, short stories, essays etc. The starting point for each work is a "monument" using an expanded understanding that a monument can be a:

    • Literal structure that needs to be understood and removed (e.g. confederate war "heroes.")
    • Conceptual monument that exist in our founding ideas & documents, value systems, personal and family narratives etc.
    • Recent monument that deserves greater attention, such as the Equal Justice Initiative Lynching Memorial
    • Imaginary monuments that we envision replacing the old ones

Work on this project is ongoing and flexible.  We hope to present the compilation of works sometime in mid-late Spring semester in a format, or multiple formats appropriate to the body of work. For more information Click Here to send an email to Michael Mufson

TA 106A • - BASIC COSTUME I: DESIGN • 3 Units Lecture & Lab • Elena Chirkova

Tu & Th •  2:30 PM - 5:05 PM • Zoom
Enroll in lecture section 73862 • automatically co-enrolled in lab section 73863

Basic Costume Design I at Palomar College Theatre Arts provides students with training and practice of costume design. The course is designed to give students the skills they need to continue their growth as costume designers for the Entertainment Industry. Students will gain knowledge of all aspects of
costume design for the stage including theatre, opera, dance, film, and TV shows. Costume technology is stressed as well, including skills in accessories design, fabric modification, costume crafts, and pattern manipulation. A portfolio of executed designs will be built as a result of course completion.

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M & W • 11:10 - 1:45 PM • Zoom
Enroll in lecture section 72876 • automatically co-enrolled in lab section 72878

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Technical Theatre Internship | Crew for Fall Productions and Performances 
48 Hours To Be Arranged 

Theatre technicians are prepared for anything!  No matter what the challenges of any given theatre production, theatre technicians make the magic happen.  Our live theatre productions on Zoom present new ways for theatre technicians to develop and practice their skills and support the magic of theatre. For more information about the internship email Chris Sinnott - 


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TA 100 INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE • 3 Units | 3 Sections Available
MW • 9:35-11:00 AM • Zoom • Chris Sinnott • 71324 • 3 Units
TTh • 9:35-11:00 AM • Zoom • Chris Sinnott • 71327 • 3 Units
TTh • 3:55-5:20 PM • Zoom • Chris Sinnott • 71338 • 3 Units

Theatre is often considered a mirror that reflects an image of the world. We will use the language, tools and processes of the theatre as a mirror to encounter & examine our world and to articulate insights about human experience, culture & society. Acquire the soft skills employers are looking for including: Collaboration • Creative problem solving • Critical Thinking and Analysis • Emotional Intelligence • Communication • Adaptability • Self-awareness • Resilience

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