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Donna Cosentino, Retired


Donna Cosentino’s career in photography spans over thirty years including working as a photojournalist for a local daily newspaper and curating hundreds of photography exhibitions. She has been teaching at Palomar College for over two decades. Her enthusiasm for photography and teaching, her two passions, has not diminished. Donna teaches Beginning Darkroom Photography, Landscape Photography, Creative Photography, Photojournalism and Photographic Portfolio. She is an artist who works in black and white film and shoots with Nikon, Rolleiflex and a Zone Vl 4×5 field camera. As head of a Photography Department at Palomar College, which has thrived for well over fifty years, she is committed to our students and the community to continue its highly respected legacy.

Donna has retired and founded

Please visit her site to check out her new adventures!


Student Work Landscape Class

Student Work Darkroom Processing & Printing

Student Critique Portfolio Class Spring 2016