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Parking Citations

The Palomar College Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of Campus Parking Regulations.  Citations issued by the Police Department possess a legal status equal to  parking citations issued by other law enforcement agencies in California.  The Police Department is empowered to issue parking citations under the following sections: 21113 (c) CVC

The fine (bail) is payable in person within 21 calendar days at the Cashier’s office or by mail with a check or money order; the citation number and date must accompany any bail deposit.  After 21 days, unpaid citations are sent to a processing center.  A courtesy notice is then sent to the registered owner of the vehicle and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is notified.  Citations not paid before the notice due date incur a late fee that is equal to the amount of the original citation.  If the citation remains outstanding, a hold is placed on the vehicle at the DMV and the registered owner will not be permitted to register the vehicle until the respective citation, including any additional penalties/fees, is paid in full.  Current citation fees are listed below.

Use the Palomar College Police Department Quick Pay system.  To access the site, click here  or go to “”.  Please allow 45 days from the date of the citation to be available for payment on-line.

Violation Table

Violation CodeDescriptionFee
21113(A) CVCNo Permit Displayed$40.00
21113(A) CVCInvalid Permit$40.00
22500.1 CVCParking in a Fire Lane$65.00
21113(A) CVCParking in a Loading Zone$40.00
21113(A) CVCRed Curb$65.00
21113(A) CVCViolation of Posted Signs$40.00
21113(A) CVCUse of Permit Lost or Stolen$105.00
21113(A) CVCUse of Counterfeit/Altered Permit$105.00
22507.8 CVCDisabled/Handicap Zone$345.00
22502 CVCParked on Wrong Side Against Traffic$40.00