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Parking Policies and Procedures

Parking policy:

Any individual or group utilizing district facilities must be legally parked and properly displaying a valid parking permit as issued by the college. This also applies to individuals using a state issued disabled placard permit or plate as adopted in the Palomar College Board Policy  and Administratdive Policy.  Exceptions shall be made for users that have completed and submitted an application for “Planned Event Parking Permits”, and that have received approval by the Police Department.  Any application for such events must be received at a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the planned event date.

NOTE:  The Palomar College Police Department is the only department authorized to issue vendor and/or visitor parking permits.  Permits issued by any other department or entity are invalid unless authorized an authorized by the Police Department.

Parking Permit Fees:

Students parking permits may be purchased online via the MyPalomar website (click here to access your MyPalomar account). If you choose to purchase the student parking permit in person they may be purchased at the Cashier’s Office on the San Marcos campus and at the Escondido Center.

Permit prices are:

– Automobiles $46.00  – Motorcycles $20.00

– (CCPG Waiver) CCPG Students parking permit is $26.00 ** click here for CCPG form to see if you are eligible.

Student permits are valid only in designated student parking lots. Fees are subject to change without further notice.

A Palomar College permit MUST accompany a disabled placard.

** Only one discounted permit is allowed per semester. In order to be eligible for the lower fee, CCPG students must show proof of CCPG status by providing a print out of their Financial Aid status form at the time the permit is purchased. If a regular permit is purchased and the student becomes CCPG eligible at a later date, there will be no refunds issued.


A student must officially drop or withdraw from a class by the published refund deadline. The following fees are subject to refund: enrollment, health, materials, and non-resident tuition. If the college cancels a class, students will receive a refund automatically.
Parking Permit refunds can be requested by calling Credentials’ Solutions at 847-716-3005. For questions regarding Parking Permit refunds, please contact the Police Department at 760-744-1150 x 3499.
Students who paid for classes prior to receiving a California College Promise Grant (CCPG) will receive a refund after the semester refund deadline. For information related to waiver of enrollment fees, contact the Palomar College Financial Aid Office.

Lost/Stolen Permits:

The college will NOT replace lost or stolen permits.  The loss must be reported to the Palomar College Police Department (PCPD) and a free temporary two-week permit will be issued. If  the lost permit is not found within the two-week period a new permit must be purchased at the regular fee.  This applies to staff as well as students.

The Palomar College Police Department enforces parking regulations seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day. Beginning in the Fall of 2010 the grace period was eliminated for not displaying a valid parking permit.  A parking permit is required 24/7.  As a result, all persons or parties parking on campus property must adhere to the respective procedures listed below.


A parking permit is required for the lawful parking of every registered vehicle on district property. All permits must be placed on the rear view mirror when parked or, if the vehicle is a convertible, a decal may be affixed to the right rear bumper or right rear view window and on the left front fork of motorcycles. Students must:

  1. Purchase a valid semester parking permit or a daily parking pass through the ParkMobile app.
  2. Legally park in a designated space within a Student Parking Lot
  3. Properly display, and adhere to all conditions specified upon, the semester and/or daily parking pass
  4. Students or staff are not permitted to park in visitor spaces
  5. The college is closed from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.  Overnight parking is prohibited after 11:00 pm unless previously arranged by the Palomar College Police Department.