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Visitor Parking

Visitors to the Palomar College Escondido Campus Center are required to:

  1.  Contact the Palomar College Police and obtain a no-cost visitor’s pass
  2.  Display the pass in accordance with guidance/instructions
  3.  Park as directed by the Palomar College Police

Visitors to the Palomar College San Marcos Campus Center can park in the visitor spaces located in lots 1 , 2, and 3. There are meters in those lots and accepts coins and credit/debit cards. This visitor spaces are open for everyone to use! If you have any questions regarding metered spaces, call our front desk at extension 3499.

  • 3 minutes= $.05
  • 6 minutes= $.10
  • 15 minutes= $.25

Maximum for debit/credit: $4.00

Other (Sponsored Events):  Sponsors of Palomar College ,and non-Palomar College events using district parking facilities must submit an “Application for Planned Event Parking Permits” form.

NOTE: Non-Palomar College events are billed on a per space basis.

Please refer to Planned/Special Event Parking link posted above.