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Superintendent/President Profile

Personal Characteristics:

The Superintendent/President of Palomar College shall be one whose personal characteristics include the ability to:

  • Garner trust, respect, and confidence in the students, faculty, administrators, staff, and trustees of Palomar College.
  • Exhibit personal and professional ethics and integrity in all interactions.
  • Bring a sense of fairness, openness, transparency, and equity to all decision-making.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to student success and equity.
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully
  • Value diverse points of view.
  • Take strategic risks and is results-oriented.
  • Actin the best interests of the Palomar community.

Professional Characteristics:

The Superintendent/President of Palomar College shall be one whose professional characteristics, in each of the following categories, include the ability to:

Organizational Leadership:

  1. Lead with competence, conscience, and compassion that engenders the trust and confidence of students, faculty, staff, trustees, and community members and that demonstrates a concern for Palomar College as a whole.
  2. Provide leadership and direction in instructional and non-instructional programs.
  3. Oversee and participate in the overall planning and development of the College; provide for a strategic plan to properly position the College for the future.
  4. Provide leadership to ensure robust instructional offerings and student services are effectively provided to all students.
  5. Assist with planning, developing, organizing, and administering instructional offerings, curriculum, co-curricular activities, and student services including counseling, financial aid, student governance, student activities, and job placement; demonstrate familiarity with federal- and state-funded student support programs and services.
  6. Supervise, coordinate and evaluate general activities of executive staff or other administration personnel; assign, supervise, and evaluate personnel allocated to the college/program; evaluate staff performance and review evaluations; analyze staff utilization needs; ensure that equal education/employment opportunity is available to all students and employees.
  7. Ensure institutional fiscal responsibility.
  8. Provide leadership in research and evaluation and stimulate improvement of the College program.
  9. Provide leadership in maintaining accreditation with appropriate agencies and associations.
  10. Ensure rules for student safety, health, discipline, and conduct are in place.
  11. Assure that the College operates within the bounds of College policy, Federal/State/local laws, and Governing Board regulations.
  12. Demonstrated understanding of fiduciary oversight for a large and complicated organization.

Governing Board–President Relationship:

  1. Plan, organize, control and direct the overall administration of the College; assure the College is administered in accordance with the policies adopted by the Governing Board and in accordance with the College mission of supporting and promoting student learning.
  2. Inform the Governing Board of operations and the state of the College on an ongoing basis.
  3. Study and recommend items to the Governing Board for policy consideration; review and approve Governing Board agenda items prior to publication.
  4. Consult with appropriate members of the College staff and recommend to the Governing Board personnel for employment at the College.
  5. Submit the College budget recommendations to the Governing Board.

Student Learning/Academic Excellence:

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to student success, empowerment, equity, and diversity, with an eye towards helping underserved student populations.
  2. Provide leadership in responding to students’ attainment of their educational goals.
  3. Lead the College in implementing AB 705 requirements, Guided Pathways plans, and other national- and California-based student success initiatives and programs.

Equity and Inclusion:

  1. Create a campus-wide conversation concerning issues of race, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
  2. Create an antiracism agenda that dismantles racism and inequitable practices by developing campus-wide policies that address systemic inequities and biases.
  3. Implement the California Community College System’s “Vision for Success: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” plan.

Partnerships/Community and External Leadership:

  1. Participate in local, state, and national organizations related to community college education; recommend positions on legislative and legal issues.
  2. Explain various aspects of the College to the community and assure that College staff are informed of educational needs of the community.
  3. Plan, develop and direct the maintenance of a continuous community relations program, in accordance with established policies; develop and maintain communication network with all college/program personnel regarding all aspects of operations.
  4. Represent the District to/with other community, business, and governmental agencies, and to/with Chambers of Commerce and other economic development organizations (i.e., Innovate 78, etc.).
  5. Create opportunities for Palomar to serve as a leader in regional economic development by partnering with local businesses and industries and with local schools, colleges, and universities.
  6. Represent and advocate the District to/with elected leaders at local, state, and federal levels.
  7. Support the Palomar Foundation and their fundraising goals in order to support students.


  1. Provide leadership and fiduciary oversight of the District’s facilities and the management of its bonds.
  2. Oversee the intricacies of a post-COVID-19 return to campus.
  3. Support the development of the Education Centers to serve the unique needs of the regions in which they are located.



  • Experience: Five years of experience in administration and/or management, with a minimum of three years of executive higher education experience with responsibility for one or more the following areas: instructional services, student services, finance and administrative services, and/or human resource services.
  • Education: A Master’s degree.


  • Earned doctorate from an accredited institution.
  • Teaching, student service, or administrative services experience, preferably at the post-secondary level.
  • Experience in guiding strategic planning, engaging with the community, inspiring innovative practices, and employing effective communication strategies with employees and Board members.

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