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President's Office

Palomar College President's Office

Fiscal Stewardship


The District extended an invitation to the Fiscal Crisis Management Assessment Team (FCMAT) in August 2019 in order to have an independent evaluation of fiscal management practices and performance as one facet of a recent Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative.   As a result of their visit, FCMAT issued a Fiscal Health Risk Analysis report indicating the District is at high risk for fiscal insolvency.  Within the report, FCMAT provided eight recommendations to improve the fiscal health of the District.  In response to the report, the District is implementing a fiscal stewardship plan that addresses all eight FCMAT recommendations.  The implementation of the plan began in late 2019 and the results will be continually measured and monitored.

District Board President Nancy Ann Hensch and Interim Superintendent/President Dr. Jack Kahn presented the District's response to the FCMAT Fiscal Health Risk Analysis report at the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges on January 14, 2020.   The video recording of the meeting is available.  To view the video you will need Internet access.

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