online students


Beginning this semester, there will not be a mandatory on-campus orientation for English 100. Instead, students will receive notice from Canvas that the course has begun. There will be orientation notes and a repeatable orientation/syllabus quiz which must be completed with 100% accuracy before the end of the first week of class. Failure to successfully complete this quiz with 100% accuracy before the deadline will result in an automatic drop; there are no exceptions to this policy. Additionally,Students are strongly encouraged, though not required, to drop by an office hour during the the first week of class to ask any clarifying questions and to meet the instructor. Exceptions to class policies and procedures will not be made for either student confusion or technical difficulties. It is the burden of the student to proactively address any concerns BEFORE assignments are due.


Students enrolled in my online sections are strongly encouraged, though not required, to attend two on-campus meetings. If you cannot make these meetings, you might consider enrolling in another course. The dates of these meetings will be on the syllabus, and class hours set aside for them.