About Me

“A man may wear himself out just as fruitlessly in seeking to understand the past, if he is totally ignorant of the present…This faculty of understanding the living is, in very truth, the master quality of the historian.”

–Marc Bloch, The Historian’s Craft


“My job is not to make up anybody’s mind but to make the agony of decision making so intense that you can escape only by thinking.”

–Fred W. Friendly



Hey there! I am a History lecturer for the EHPS Department, and teach both halves of the United States History survey, History 101 and 102. I am a cultural and social historian with particular interest in colonial America, the early republic, middle-class formation, masculinity, youth, the family, leisure, and New England. I received a Ph.D. in History from the University of California, Irvine, and a B.A. cum laude from Santa Clara University.

My objective as an instructor is to inspire students to think critically and analytically, and to cultivate an appreciation of and desire for new ideas.

I am a San Francisco native, and in my spare time I enjoy playing chess, and watching Netflix to an excess.


Email: rveloso@palomar.edu

Office Hours Summer 2019 (June 17 to August 7)

  • Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:40-6:00pm at Fallbrook Campus, Room NC-N01
  • If you cannot make it during this time, feel free to make an appointment for a time that will work for both of us.