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Assessment of Learning

Assessment Resources for Palomar Faculty and Staff

Program Review and Planning

Academic Program Review is a cyclical process that examines and evaluates an array of data relevant to an academic program in order to strengthen student learning and success. Faculty gather evidence from curriculum review, student learning outcome assessment, and other data. This will include enrollment trends, student success and retention rates, transfer rates, learning support activities, employment data, and other material pertinent to the program. This systematic, self-study process informs and guides faculty to assess currency and goals in order to support program planning and budgeting. Academic Program Review is an integral component of the college’s planning process and therefore significantly contributes to serving the College’s mission and goals. Ultimately, Program Review facilitates the planning and resources necessary for the College to improve its programs and services to students.

Running SLO Reports for the PRP

SLO PRP Reports – FAQs

Prompts & Guidelines for Answering PRP Questions