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Speech Communication Program

Program – 

Speech Communication and Forensics offers Palomar College students an array of general education courses in the communication field and the opportunity to participate in a nationally recognized competitive speech and debate program.

The Speech Communication offerings go far beyond the basic Oral Communication course. Other classes explore the bases of human communication and investigate the role communication plays in our intimate relationships. Still others allow students to sharpen their critical thinking and performance skills in contexts ranging from formal debate to the interpretation of literature.

Career Opportunities – 

Beginning Argumentation and Debate is a valuable course for any student considering a career in business, teaching, or law.

Interpersonal Communication is ideal preparation for students entering teaching, counseling, and healthcare professions.

Beginning Oral Interpretation is a performance course in the spoken interpretation of literature. It is perfect for students with interests in literature, theater, teaching, and developing empathy skills.

Employment Outlook – 

Speech is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing fields in the liberal arts and sciences. Speech graduates are perceived as skillful and broadly educated achievers by prospective employers.


Speech Communication – Catalog