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Spotlight on Robert Sedillo

Robert Sedillo

Written by Lloyd Bravo and published April 13, 2014.

This article originally appeared in The Telescope, Palomar College’s award-winning, student-run newspaper.

Every year Palomar chooses a faculty or staff member and presents them with the Employee of the Year award. This years winner went to Information Services Support Specialist Robert Sedillo.

Sedillo was humbled when hearing the news of his award, and only a single word came to mind when asked about his feelings.

“Honored is the best word,” Sedillo said.

The nominations for the award are given to a diverse group of faculty and staff members around the campus, Sedillo was very surprised about the nomination and especially after the win.

“It’s nice to be recognized and it means a lot,” Sedillo said.

Recognition seems to be in line “unclear” for the tremendous amount of work that Sedillo and his co-workers do for Palomar. To most, being a information services support specialist can seem complicated and overwhelming, but it makes more sense as Sedillo breaks down.

“It is called tier one support for e-services, network, technical services, computer, laptop, website issues and you wouldn’t believe what else kind of calls we get,” Sedillo said,“we refer to ourselves as help desk, but we do a lot of different things. We run the switch board operator as well as the help desk for primarily staff and faculty but students as well because they’ll have issues with email or e-services.”

It’s not hard for Sedillo to relate, considering that he has spent most of his career at Palomar.

“I have been here since I was eighteen years old. As a student I networked with everybody. I like everyone I work with and I try to treat them with respect,” Sedillo said.

Assistant Superintendent and Vice President of Human Resource Services John Tortarolo only had respect for Sedillo and was happy with his achievement.

“He is a very collegial, very courteous and friendly person. He will do anything he can to help his colleagues, no matter where they are or what they need in terms of information services support,” said Tortarolo.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with him and l think he is a terrific guy and the award for what he does for the college is well deserve. I one of his customers, friends and colleagues and he is a magnificent person,” Tortarolo added.

There are many emotions that go with such an accomplishment, however, Sedillo takes the award with humility and describes his feeling in one word.

“Empathy. I was a student here starting, I have dealt with services department and I stated servicing students and did well in that because I knew what it felt like not getting the service you need,” Sedillo said.

For the future, Sedillo is currently working on his Masters Degree in Information Technology, and inspires to be in management, before paying his dues a in a technician level position.

Palomar College has been an excellent stepping stone for Sedillo as he only has respect for the school that has molded him through the years.

“I’m a product of Palomar college and I love Palomar College and I think its a great institution,” said Sedillo.

When asked what he was looking forward to after the award he answered, “it will be nice to read about myself in The Telescope.”