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Palomar College Learning For Success

Early Alert


Starfish is a student success tool used by more than 200 institutions across the country. Palomar College is using Starfish Early Alert to support students throughout their Palomar experience. Starfish gives you a convenient way to help students to meet their career and educational goals by referring them to key campus resources and keeping them up to date regarding their class progress.

To begin using Starfish Early Alert:

  1. Sign in to your 3PD Portal

2. Click on the Starfish Early Alert tile

A progress survey is a way to assess your students’ progress in class and issue alerts to those who need it. For the rest of the semester, you may continue to issue alerts to students one at a time.  

For Fall 2019, faculty will be able to initiate the following alerts:

  • refer students to tutoring (such as in the Math Center, TLC Escondido, STAR Tutoring, or CSIT Tutoring)  
  • send students kudos (positive recognition of student performance or improvement in class)
  • notify students of attendance concerns (attendance reminder)
  • communicate with students regarding incomplete/missing work or low scores (class progress notice)

YES! If you have not filled out a progress survey on Starfish Early Alert before, we strongly recommend you view the online training available on your 3PD Portal.  This video shows you how to access Starfish Early Alert, how to find the progress survey and complete it, and how to individually issue alerts.  Search for “What is Starfish Early Alert?” in the search box on the top right hand corner.

You can also contact for individual assistance.  

When an alert is raised as a result of a progress survey, the student will receive an automatically generated email to their personal account. Additionally, members of the Student Success Team will be notified and will follow to the student, when appropriate.

Next semester, students will be able to login to their own Starfish account and monitor their alerts directly on Starfish.  This is being piloted with a small group of students who will be providing feedback regarding use and accessibility.

Using Starfish, faculty may issue kudos, alerts, and referrals to help students be more successful in their classes. CLICK here to view a list of all alerts and referral templates.