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Early Alert Implementation Timeline

Key Terms Defined

Starfish has a student and faculty/staff dashboard. Faculty login to the dashboard to issue student alerts and referrals using a Progress Survey or one student at a time. Students login to the dashboard to complete their Palomar Pathways Questionnaire and this fall of 2020 they will begin to use it to raise their hand when they need assistance.

A Progress Survey is a way for faculty to update students regarding their class progress and issue alerts and referrals to those who need it during an open window of time. Faculty can issue individual alerts throughout the semester after each progress survey closes. Click on the Training menu tab on the left to view the Progress Survey open and close dates for our 16-week, Fast Track 1 and 2 and 4-week classes.

Also known as "flags," an alert raised by faculty lets students know (via email) how they are doing in class and what they can do to stay on track. An alert can also be a referral to campus resources. Click on the Messages to Students menu tab to see what alerts are available and the messages students receive. Flags may include a specific message from the instructor to the student.

The Palomar Pathways Questionnaire is an intake form for new students. The form consists of questions that allow us to connect them with programs and services from the minute they apply. When a student completes a questionnaire, we determine what programs they may be eligible for and representatives from each of those programs reach out to the student with information on how to apply to receive services.

This fall of 2020, students will have access to Raise their Hand on Starfish. Similar to the Palomar Pathways Questionnaire, students will be able to raise their hand and representatives from programs that can assist them with their question will reach out with information on how to apply to receive services.

Examples of questions students may raise their hand about include:

  • "I need help with food and housing"
  • "I need help with enrollment"
  • "I need help applying for a one-time emergency grant"