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Palomar College STEM Program

Science * Technology * Engineering * Math


STEM Counseling

A Palomar STEM Counselor and a CSUSM STEM Career Advisor are here to help you!

Meet Daniela and Jovani!

Daniela McIntoshDaniela McIntosh, Palomar STEM Counselor, available on Wednesdays. Daniela McIntosh is available to assist you with academic planning, transferring to a university, career counseling, and personal counseling as it relates to your academic journey. Click here to request an appointment with Daniela.

Jovani Vega, CSUSM STEM Career Advisor, available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Meet with Jovani Vega to learn about the different resources, programs, and research opportunities available at CSUSM. He can assist you with Educational Plans, inform you about the different courses available at Palomar College that will count towards your CSUSM degree, and assist you with the transfer process to CSUSM. Please email Jovani to request an appointment:


Tips on how to prepare for your online appointment:

  • Gather any transcripts you may have from other colleges; this is especially important if you’d like help with your Education Plan
  • Review possible degree options
  • Write down a list of questions
  • Test out Zoom on your computer

Questions? Please email: