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STEM Summer Biology Institute

Palomar College's Stem Summer Institute for Biology. Image of faculty member working with students, outdoors, collecting bug specimens.

Incoming Palomar freshmen and current Palomar students who are interested in biology, working with specimens, and DNA!

Join the STEM Summer Biology Institute! 

What’s Happening?

Students enrolled in the STEM Summer Biology Institute will get experiences in both field and laboratory research. In the field they will participate in a pollination study, aimed at better understanding the types, abundance and plant species preferences of different pollinators. In the laboratory, they will participate in a biodiversity study, aimed at using DNA barcoding technology to identify species based on unique regions of their DNA. Upon completion of the Institute, participants will receive a $500 stipend. 

Participating students will:

  • learn field techniques used in biology.
  • laboratory techniques used in biology.
  • learn about constructing a testable hypothesis and designing an experiment.
  • learn how to collect and analyze field data.
  • learn how to identify pollinators using both taxonomic and genetic techniques.
  • learn laboratory and bioinformatics tools used to manipulate and analyze DNA.
  • get experience in literature review as they do background research of peer-reviewed journals.
  • write a scientific report communicating their findings.
  • learn about biodiversity and attempts to measure and monitor biodiversity, with a specific focus on the ecological importance of pollinators.

These skills will be beneficial for anyone pursuing a career in scientific research!

The Institute is June 24 – July 18, 2019, at Palomar College.

Research results collected from the Institute will be shared at a celebration on July 18, 2019!

Sign up!

  1. Add your name and email to the interest list.
  2. We’ll email you a course permission code. Please watch your inbox. Please know that space is limited, participants will be be given a course permission code in the order that they signed up.
  3. Enroll in the 1-unit course: CE 100, Class #:  51081 Biology STEM (6/24- 7/18) with the course permission code.

Special enrollment instructions for minors

Age 16 and 17

  1. Read the K-12 enrollment instructions
  2. Submit the K-12 Special Admission Approval Form to the Admissions/Financial Aid Office in the Student Services Center

Age 15 and younger

  1. Guardians, read the K-12 enrollment instructions
  2. Contact to request a pre-signed K-12 Specials Admission Approval form
  3. Retrieve K-12 Special Admission Approval form from STEM staff
  4. Fill-out form and submit to the Admissions/Financial Aid Office in the Student Services Center

Questions? Email us!

Supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions Program and the Innovation in Higher Education Grant


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