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Palomar College has NEW lockers on campus for YOU!
Locker Clean Out

How do I rent a locker? You can rent a locker for FREE if you have a current Student Activity Card. Student Activity Cards may be purchased for the semester online via e-services or at the cashier’s window in building A.  They are $15.00 per semester. After you pay for your Activity Card, please visit SU 202 to have your picture taken and receive your card.  Once you have your card in hand, you may rent a locker as one of the many FREE benefits of the Activity Card.

Lockers are checked out in room SU 202, Monday – Thursday (8:30 am – 5:00 pm) and on Friday from 8:30 am to noon (during the Fall/Spring semester). The locker rental is only valid for the current semester. Lockers must be cleaned out at the end of each semester. NOTE – staff will change the combos for the lockers every semester to keep all items in lockers as secure as possible. It is a good idea to know what section of campus you would like to secure a locker.  If you request, a student staff member in SU 202 can help you find an area that works best for you.

Can I decorate my locker? Student Affairs does not permit postings on lockers. Please review our posting policies for information about where you can post flyers. Additionally, please know that Student Affairs does not approve any persons or groups to slide cards or flyers into lockers. If you receive an advertisement or notice in your flyer, please bring it our attention so we can address the concern.

Any questions about the lockers may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs, SU 202 or 760-744-1150 x 2594.


The steps to check out of your locker are as follows:

  1. Make sure your locker is cleaned out (all items and trash removed) by December 10.
  2. You’re done! Simple right??!

Our staff will check every locker to:

  • Ensure they are cleaned out and,
  • Change the combo so new students can start renting them for the Summer term.

If your locker is NOT cleaned out, this will result in potential loss of future locker privileges.

Valuable items will be removed from the lockers and held in SU 202 for up to two weeks for you to retrieve. Items that are not deemed valuable will be thrown away.


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