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Posting Advertisements

Ads for Bulletin Boards:

5 locations for posting on campus bulletin boards are currently available.  All copies that you wish to post must be dated, stamped and initialed at the SU-201 office. Any posting without the stamp and information will be removed. Ads are removed on the last day of the current month. The price for posting is $5.00 and the ad can be no larger than 8 ½ in. x 11 in. and advertisements mentioning alcohol and illegal substances/activities are not allowed. Palomar clubs/departments are able to post for free. Faculty wishing to advertise their courses can also post for free.

Ads for Web Site:

Cost $5 for 30 days from the day of posting. Ads may be mailed or emailed to the office.  Ad space may be purchased for up to 3 months. Additional details on electronic posting can be found on the Jobs or Housing pages.

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