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Palomar College Food & Nutrition Center Policy

The Office of Student Affairs maintains a food pantry for Palomar College students who need a helping hand with lessening food insecurity. The food bank is housed at the Palomar College Anita and Stan Maag Food & Nutrition Center, which is available as a supplemental resource for those in need. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) manages this food pantry and is committed to supporting a healthy and safe environment for our community members. Palomar College is an official partner with the San Diego Food Bank.

Who and how many do we serve? 

All are welcome! The Food & Nutrition Center is utilized by students, staff, faculty and community members!

Fall 2017: We had over 1,250 visits at our food bank and Student Affairs free food events.

Spring 2018: We had over 2,430 visits at our food bank and Student Affairs free food events.

Please stop by The Hub (SU 22), or if the door is closed swing by the Office of Student Affairs (SU 201) to get access to our food pantry. You will need to fill out a one-time form (link below or we have printed copies for you in our office). This form is for internal use and your information remains private. You can read more about this at the bottom of this page.

We welcome all folks to visit our NEW Food & Nutrition Center opening Fall 2018.

FUN FACT: Data from the zip code project in Fall 2017 helped us learn that there was a high need in Escondido, so we opened a food pantry on our Escondido campus! Thank you to the Palomar College GIS class for working with the zip code data to push this good work forward.

Click here for the Nutrition Center Sign-Up Form

I would like to donate.

  • Monetary Donations: Your money can go a long way at the San Diego Food Bank! For example, the Office of Student Affairs has purchased over 400 pounds of food for only $50 at the North County San Diego Food Bank! To make a monetary donation, please contact the Palomar College Foundation, or submit your donation online and simply select “Food Pantry” when completing the online donation form.
  • Food Item Donations: We are always in need of the ‘Three Ps’ – Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, & Protein (canned chicken/ tuna). These items are hard to find at the San Diego Food Bank, so all of these items are always welcome. You can drop off donations at the Office of Student Affairs in SU 201!

I would like to volunteer.

I need food.

  • Eligible students may access the food bank once per month on an emergency basis.
  • Complete out the Palomar College Food Bank Application (link below).
  • Bring the complete form (printed double sided) to SU 201. Anyone in the Office of Student Affairs can help you make an appointment to access the food bank.
  • Food is distributed according to the number of immediate family members in the household (significant other/partner/spouse and/or minor children), and according to the availability of items.
  • Food Bank requests are typically filled same day.

I take Palomar College courses at one of the centers (ex: Escondido Center), but I cannot access the San Marcos location. Can I still get food?

  • The Escondido Campus has a FOOD PANTRY!! Please visit Admissions/ Enrollment and/ or the Counseling departments to get access to the food pantry.
  • Do you take classes at another location (ex: Fallbrook or South Center in Rancho Bernardo)? If you have a need for food, contact the Office of Student Affairs and we can make arrangements to have food delivered to your center.

Are there other places I can get FREE food on campus?

  • Yes, every Thursday at 11:30am students, staff, and faculty are invited to our #PalomarEatsNow free food event in the SEAL Center.
  • Fresh loaves of bread, pastry snacks from Starbucks, and fresh produce snacks are available for you until supplies last. The event runs from 11:30am-1:30pm during the Fall and Spring academic semesters.

Why is the Food Bank called the Anita and Stan Maag Food & Nutrition Center? Who are Anita and Stan?

  • We are incredibly grateful for the wonderful Mr. Bob Wilson who donated the funding to create the Anita & Stan Maag Food and Nutrition Center in honor of his late best friend Stan, and his wife Anita. Stan served in the army and married Anita before he left for the Korean war. Anita was part of the very first Palomar College graduating class in 1949. Now, three generations of her family have attended Palomar.
  • To read more about Anita, check out this article written by the Palomar College Telescope.
  • To read more about the Maag Food & Nutrition Center, check out this article!

Who helps support the Food Bank? 

  • We are INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for our Community Partners!
  • SAN DIEGO FOOD BANK: The North County Food Bank has become one of our greatest gifts! We get FREE bread and FREE produce from them, and also purchase other food items for only 19 cents per pound!
  • TERi Inc: Thank you to TERi Campus of Life who picks up food from Starbucks every week and delivers it campus – feeding our students and supporting food justice by eliminating food waster!
  • Starbucks: Thank you to Starbucks who donates TONS of good pastries to campus to feed our students!

The Application asks me some intake questions. Who do you share this information with?

  • Your information will always remain private! We do not share your personal information with anyone. This is for our internal data to comply with mandated reporting policies. For example, we do not share your name, but we do record how many pounds of food all students and guests received each month.
  • We DO share your zip code (not your name). Why?? To demonstrate where there is a need throughout our community. This helps us know where to better invest our resources to support you! Check Out the Map!

For more info about resources in North County, please review this resource guide provided by the Alliance for Regional Solutions or stop by THE HUB in SU 22 for support navigating these resources.

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