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Gene Jackson Emergency Loan


The purpose of the Gene Jackson Emergency Loan Program is to help the student temporarily cover an unexpected expense.  The program provides a loan up to $50.00 to students who meet minimum criteria.  Availability of funds is not guaranteed.


  • Be currently enrolled in a minimum of six (6) units.
  • Previous coursework at Palomar College with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or better.


  1. The student must complete the Gene Jackson Emergency Loan Application
  2. Upon approval, the Office of Student Life & Leadership will process the loan returning the signed application to the student.
  3. The student must take the signed application to the Cashiers’ Office to receive the approved amount of the loan in cash.
  4. The student must repay the loan by the agreed date upon the application by returning the amount of the loan to the Cashiers’ Office in cash (no checks or credit cards accepted).
  5. All loans must be paid back within thirty (30) days or the last day of the semester (whichever occurs first).
  6. A hold will be placed on the student’s records.
  7. Loans may be requested for a maximum of three times within the academic school year and a maximum of two times per semester within that same academic year.
  8. Each loan must be repaid before the next loan will be considered.
  9. If a loan is not repaid by the stated date, upon request and a partial payment of the outstanding loan of at least 10% will be required before a twenty-four hour lift may be applied to the student’s account allowing for registration.

ApplicationEmergency application

Additional references for textbook assistance:

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