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Inter-Club Council

2020-2021 ICC Council

ICC Chairperson: Taylor Bergeson,
ICC Vice Chairperson: Michael Nagtalon,
ICC Secretary: Valarie Yakuta,
ICC Advisor: Kelly Donaghy,

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is a council of the Associated Student Government. The ICC consists of one member from each of the Palomar College Clubs, networking together to share information, activities, and to plan Campus-Wide Events. The chairperson of the ICC is appointed by the ASG President from the ASG Board. The Vice-Chairperson is elected by the club representatives within the ICC. Clubs attending ICC are given the opportunity to participate in special events on campus, some of which financially benefit the club.

Agendas and Meetings

The ICC meets bi-weekly every Thursday of the month from 12 – 1 PM. For upcoming meeting details, dates and times, please see our events calendar.

AgendaZoom RecordingsApproved Meeting Minutes
ICC Agenda 2.4.21Zoom Recording 2.4.21ICC Minutes 2.4.21
ICC Agenda 2.18.21Zoom Recording 2.18.21ICC Minutes 2.18.21
ICC Agenda 3.4.21Zoom Recording 3.4.21ICC Minutes 3.4.21
ICC Agenda 3.18.21Zoom Recording 3.18.21ICC Minutes 3.18.21
ICC Agenda 4.8.21Zoom Recording 4.8.21ICC Minutes 4.8.21
ICC Agenda 4.22.21ICC Recording 4.22.21 ICC Minutes 4.22.21
ICC Agenda 5.6.21ICC Recording 5.6.21