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Textbook Loan Program

The purpose of the Textbook Purchase Loan Program is to help the student temporarily cover textbook expenses.  The program provides a loan up to $250.00 to students who meet minimum criteria and complete the application.  Incomplete applications will be delayed.  Availability of funds is not guaranteed.


  • Be currently enrolled at Palomar College
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 from previous course work at Palomar College
  • No outstanding loans to the college


  1. The student must complete the Textbook Purchase Loan Program Application.
  2. Upon approval the Office of Student Life & Leadership will process the application and create an account with Follett bookstore for the student. Once this process has been completed (usually within 48 hours) the Bookstore will notify the student via student email that they can now purchase their books.
  3. The student must repay the loan by the agreed dates (making payments if necessary) by credit/debit or ACH.
  4. Loans must be repaid within sixty (60) days or the last day of the semester (whichever occurs first).
  5. A hold will be placed on the student’s records if the loan is not repaid by the established due date or end of the semester whichever occurs first.

NOTE: Only one loan will be permitted at a time. Students may be eligible for an additional textbook loan once all funds have been repaid.

Additional references for textbook assistance:

  1. The Foundation Office has a Book Loan process.
  2. At the Palomar College Bookstore you may purchase your books or use their textbook rental plan.
  3. TRIO Program
  4. EOPS Program
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