Summer Academies

An opportunity to jumpstart your college experience!

Summer Academy Options

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3-D Design and Manufacturing Academy

Make your designs real – from the computer to creation!


BYOC (Build Your Own Computer) Academy

Learn everything you need to know to build your own computer!


C""omputer Skills Mastery Academy

Learn the computer skills to be successful in college and work! This is a complete computer literacy academy!



Fast & Furious Calculus Academy

For those students who like to take on a challenge and succeed, complete your freshman year of calculus in 9 weeks!



Fire, Forensics, & First Responders

Experience what our first responders learn and how exciting a career in public safety can be . . . it will be a summer to remember!



Food & Fitness: Fuel for Life!

Get results, get healthy, and have fun! Have you ever wondered what is the healthiest food of what is the best way to get in shape? If so, join us for a 6-week academy where you’ll learn what’s the truth and what’s and alternative fact in food and fitness. Be prepared to have fun while you learn with movement routines.


Game On – Video Game Programming Academy

Learning object oriented Java has never been more fun! Learn Java using Greenfoot IDE and build games this summer!


Gray’s Anatomy Academy

Learn the basics that can lead you on the path to a medical career!



Overhead Impact – Digital Imaging with Drones

Learn how to use drones or unmanned vehicles for digital imaging. Create and enhance imagery for effective use in mass communication mediums with Adobe Photoshop.


Time, Truth, and Temples: An Academy of Archaeology and Philosophy

Students who like to ponder “deep” questions and dabble in abstract thinking will dig this academy. The program investigates archaeological methods and delves into logic and reasoning. Students will roll up their sleeves and tackle difficult philosophical questions, and get their hands dirty by excavating a mock archaeological site.


Triple Threat! Musical Theatre Experience

Explore the fascinating world of Musical Theatre through an intensive 6-week program designed by Palomar Performing Arts faculty. Study voice, dance, acting and technical theatre. This academy will include a rehearsal component and information performance opportunity that will be open to friends and family.