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Jessica Perez-Ambrocio                                                                                                 STEM Tutorial Specialist                                                         

Debra Avila                                                                                                                          Title V/HSI Project Supervisor, Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), Escondido

Ruth Barnaba                                                                                                               Tutoring Services Program Coordinator                                   

Lee Chen                                                                                                                    Full-Time Faculty, English as a Second Language                            

Carmelino Cruz                                                                                                       Non-Credit Matriculation Assitant, English as a Second Language

Marilu D’Sanz                                                                                                                  Senior Office Specialist, Child Devleopment Center                                                                                                 Phone:  760-744-1150 x2574

Anel Gonzalez
TLC Specialist

Mireya Gutierrez-Aguero                                                                                                 STEM Project Supervisor                                                                             

Dr. Rodolfo Jacobo, Jr.                                                                                              Associate Professor and Department Chair, Multicultural Studies                                                                                                                                                                                     Phone:  760-744-1150 x2207

Dr. Jack Kahn                                                                                                                   Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences Division                           

Michelle LaVigueur                                                                                                     Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services                                                                                             Phone:   760-744-1150 x2158

Cecilia Martinez                                                                                                                  Title V/HSI STEM Academic Outreach & Career Advisor         

Cecilia Rocha                                                                                                              Program Supervisor, Grant Funded Student Programs              

Shayla Sivert                                                                                                                    Dean, Languages & Literature Division                                        

Henry Lesperance Alvarez                                                                                     Multicultural Studies                                                             

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