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Temporary Alternative Methods of Instruction

COVID-19 Continuity of Instruction

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Palomar College is moving many face-to-face classes to alternative methods of instruction, as of March 30, 2020.

This website will help prepare you to do that and provide resources to help you along the way.

Here are some of the options that are available:

CANVAS: Fortunately, the majority of instructors at Palomar already make some use of CANVAS, even if they are not teaching online. CANVAS allows instructors to post syllabi, assignments, grades, discussion boards, lectures, etc. Students can also easily submit papers and take quizzes through CANVAS.

In-person and online training through Palomar College’s Academic Technology Resource Center (ATRC) is available now. You can register in the 3PD portal.  Also, see the Training page on this website for regular updates on workshops offered.

ZOOM and ConferZoom: In order to hold classes during normal, scheduled times, instructors may use Zoom. Anyone can create an account directly through Zoom, but that will be a limited account. California Community College employees should signup for their free upgraded account through ConferZoom(  With a ConferZoom account you will get a TechConnect Licensed account which is the equivalent of a pro level account.  If you already have a basic Zoom account using your Palomar email address and you sign up for a ConferZoom account your basic Zoom account will be upgraded to the TechConnect licensed account.

To use Zoom within Canvas you need to have a ConferZoom account using the same email address as your Canvas account.  After you have your ConferZoomaccount set-up go to your Canvas class and click on ConferZoom in your navigation menu, then click on “account settings.”  You will then be able to connect your accounts.  Guides for Instructors and students are available on the ConferZoom website under GUIDES.

Please note:  Faculty should have received an email from <no-reply@ZOOM.US> with the subject line of “ConferZoom account invitation” with directions on signing up.

Need help?  Please go to the ConferZoom website and click on GUIDES to access numerous very helpful guides on using ConferZoom:  if you still need assistance please contact our ATRC or PD Office.

Lastly-  Please be patient if you are waiting for your ConferZoom account, as you can imagine CCCTechConnect is very busy responding to requests from employees from 115 colleges! They are working as fast as they can!

Email: The simplest (but most limited) solution is for instructors to use their Palomar email account to send instructions and written lessons as attachments to all students in their classes. Students will be able to ask questions and submit assignments via email. For assistance with your email, please contact 760-744-1150, x2140.

DRC Considerations: Please see Considerations When Converting Onsite Courses to an Online Modality for Students with Disabilities.

For Science Labs, Activity Courses, Dual Enrollment, Positive Attendance, Internships, and Others:  procedures are still being finalized and will be communicated soon.

Additional Resources: CVC-OEI/@ONE has published instructional continuity information on their webpage.


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