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Temporary Alternative Methods of Instruction

Faculty FAQs

Below please find the answers to frequently asked questions during this uniquely challenging time. The information is subject to change, and this document will be updated as new questions come in and as new information becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions involving class meetings 

Is the campus closed?

The campus is currently closed to all non-essential personnel as of Friday, March 20, 2020. (Non-essential means people who are to work away from campus, which includes all but about 10 or so people who will provide security, etc.) This is due to Governor Newsom’s Stay At Home Order issued on March 19 for California. If you need a quick visit to campus or an Educational Center, you can complete an Essential Campus Access Request Form to seek approval for a short work-related visit.

I would like access to my office.  When is this access available?

We are so happy to be planning for our return to campus. The 2021 summer will be a time of major transition as we prepare for the return; fall 2021 will continue to see us through transition as well as we anticipate greater numbers of students, faculty, and staff to return. Fingers crossed that, by Spring 2022, we will have a complete return to campus. We appreciate the patience of all involved while we work to transition the entire campus back to onsite work.  You can view the Faculty Office Use guidelines here.

Return to Campus Plan Update – Status as of June 4

  • On July 6, the Governing Board will conduct a second reading of recommended revisions to BP/AP 5210 Communicable Disease (students) and BP/AP 7330 Communicable Disease (employees) to give the District the ability to create a Vaccination and Immunization Plan in the event of an epidemic or pandemic.
  • The collective bargaining negotiation process to discuss the impacts of BP/AP 5210 and BP/AP 7330 on working conditions, including legal exemptions from a vaccine mandate, are underway.
  • Our facilities department partnered with an engineering firm to do an analysis of air quality and HVAC systems in all campus and education center buildings. All required repairs and upgrades will be complete by the end of summer.
  • Every department has been asked to submit Summer 2021 and/or Fall 2021 Return to Work plans to our Emergency Operations Center.
  • On June 4, the EOC and Policy will review and finalize all of the plans received.
  • Our technology team is installing required audio-visual equipment in conference rooms and some classrooms for continued ZOOM usage.
  • We will continue to ensure access to vaccines for students and employees.
  • We will determine the most efficient and effective approach to COVID-19 testing on campus.
  • We are in the process of determining the most efficient and effective approach to collecting the appropriate data on vaccinations while abiding by HIPPA requirements.
  • We will modify the campus Return to Campus plan as relevant guidance is gained from federal, state and regional public health agencies.


Will COVID-19 vaccinations be required of everyone?
While the District desires to move in this direction, any requirement for vaccinations will have to go through the collective bargaining negotiation process to discuss impacts. In order to effectuate this, the District has made recommended revisions to BP/AP 5210 Communicable Disease (students) and BP/AP 7330 Communicable Disease (employees) to give the District the ability to create a Vaccination and Immunization Plan in the event of an epidemic or pandemic. These BPs and APs have moved through the shared governance process, are receiving legal review, and were reviewed in first reading at the Governing Board meeting on June 1, 2021. The Governing Board will conduct a second reading at their meeting on July 6. The Vaccination and Immunization Plan is currently going through negotiations with our union partners.

Will the vaccination policy address booster shots?
Both BP/AP 5210 – Students and BP/AP 7330 – Employees, give the District the ability to include boosters in its final Vaccination and Immunization Plan. Based on current data, it is likely that boosters will be recommended 6-12 months after your last shot (second shot with Pfizer and Moderna; first shot with J and J).

How are employees submitting their vaccination status to the District?
You may send vaccination information to Human Resources in three different ways:

  1. (PREFERRED) Send an email to In the subject line, enter “COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination”
  2. S. Mail: Palomar College (Attn: Benefits Office), 1140 W. Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069
  3. Fax: (760) 761-3530

Communications should include all the following information: Legal name, Employee ID and Proof of vaccination (photo of both sides). More detailed information can be found here.

What’s the plan for those who are immune comprised? If documentation is required, what will be considered official? Many physicians are not happy to be required to provide specific documentation.
We are conducting research on this topic and will issue an update accordingly.

Can I receive a reasonable accommodation if I am caring for a family member who has not received the vaccine?
The accommodation process is covered in the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and is for employees with qualifying medical conditions they personally have. As such, the accommodation process does not cover this situation.  More information on employee accommodations can be found here.

Will Palomar establish a policy on remaining current vis-a-vis immunization?
It is the intent of the District to establish an Immunization and Vaccination Plan. The Plan is currently going through negotiations with our union partners to discuss impacts.

Can we consider easy ways to help students prove vaccination? Instead of requiring them to email a copy, perhaps they could meet with staff via Zoom and show their card?
Plans are being considered on how to collect proof of vaccination.

Am I allowed to ask a student if they have been vaccinated?
No, you are not allowed to ask a student if they have been vaccinated.

If we are vaccinated, can we work in our office one day per week after June 15?
All departments within the College are required to complete a Department Return to Campus Safety Plan to address the onsite work needs of employees. It is best to work directly with your supervisor to address specific needs. You may use your office starting June 15 in accordance with the schedule approved by the dean and VPI. We are all prohibited from gathering in the hallways, break rooms, and work rooms. The number of people in a workroom or copy room at one time should be limited to one except where otherwise noted. After using high-use, shared equipment, please wipe down the equipment with supplies provided.

Will figures be released for the % of students, staff, & faculty fully vaccinated at Palomar College?
These figures will change frequently. All inquiries to gain employee information should be sent to The process to collect student vaccination is being determined.

How will the vaccination policy be enforced for community members?
We will inform all community members who plan to use campus facilities of our vaccination plan. While we can’t require proof of vaccination from our community members, we will ask them to download the Palomar App and conduct a screening for body temperature and COVID- 19 symptoms and show their results to the monitor at the entrance to the campus or Education Center.

Return to Campus Planning & Considerations 

If an employee doesn’t return to work on campus for Fall 2021, what are the implications?
The implications depend on the situation at hand. If an employee is requested to return face-to-face and has any concerns they should immediately speak to their supervisor. Contact the Human Resources department at with questions regarding a reasonable accommodation through the ADA process.

If a person gets sick from COVID-19 from coming back to campus, will a person have to use their own sick time? 
Employees who are ill with COVID-19 may have their sick leave covered under SB-95. Human Resources sent an email to the campus community on April 6, 2021 titled, “New California Law on COVID-19 Leaves (SB 95)” which outlined how the new law covers leave in certain situations. For more information, please click on the following link: COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

I am teaching a face-to-face class in the fall.  What happens if a student gets COVID-19 and exposes others in our class?
If a student or employee has COVID-19, they should report their case via the COVID-19 questionnaire found here.  The COVID-19 Response Action Team (CRAT) will engage with the individual and determine if they may have exposed colleagues or classmates.  If an exposure has occurred, all employees and students who are impacted will receive a notification with recommendations to prevent further exposure and to seek medical advice, if necessary.  While unlikely due to the life span of the virus on surfaces, there is a possibility that the class or work area will be quarantined or require disinfection.

 Is it OK for me to meet with a student in my office?
Currently, it is recommended that meetings with students be held in the classroom when available or, even better, outside on the campus. Masks must be worn, and social distance protocols must be followed.

Will public venues like the Cashiers Office, Food Pantry, Library, etc. require masks?
These are enclosed indoor common areas of the campus, and masks are required as is social distancing, no matter of the status of vaccination. This requirement is per the effective date of June 15*, when the California Public Health Department and the County of San Diego Department of Public Health Services will align their masking policy with the recent masking guidelines issued by Center for Disease Control Prevention. *As guidelines are updated, the information will be posted.

Will district requirements be established for areas such as the Student Union and outside areas?
Per the guidance from the California Public Health Department and the County of San Diego Department of Public Health Services, effective June 15*, vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks outdoors. Indoor health and safety guidelines issued by the CDC, California Department of Public Health, and County of San Diego Departments of Public Health Services will be enforced.  *As guidelines are updated, the information will be posted.

What about face masks in public spaces as well as private offices?
The District will continue to adhere to public health guidelines. As of June 15, the California Department of Public Health and the County of San Diego Department of Public Health Services will align their masking policy with the recent masking guidelines issued by Center for Disease Control Prevention*. These guidelines include:

  • Fully vaccinated Californians are not required to wear a mask outdoors except at crowded
  • In indoor settings, individuals do not need to wear a mask if they are alone in their office, but in common areas, masks are required as is social distancing; not matter the status of vaccination.

*As additional guidelines are issued, we will update this information.

Will there be enforcement of social distancing, for example, a maximum number of students/employees/guests who can enter specific rooms on campus, including restrooms, elevators, lobbies and offices?
Appropriate signage will be installed at the entryways with a specific indication of the number of maximum individuals permitted at one time. Guidelines will be enforced accordingly. As guidance is updated, this information will be issued.

When PPE is requested as part of the Return to Campus Safety Plan, will the items be provided at the department and continuously refreshed?
If you have included a request for PPE or changes to a layout, you must still send an email to to finalize the request.

What about for nursing mothers, will the pumping pods be available, or will they have options?
Access to the Nursing Pod on the 4th floor of the LRC will be provided.  Individuals are required to check in at the main circulation desk and an escort will be provided to the 4th floor, which is otherwise closed. 

How is the staffing plan going to work at the centers? For instance, Fallbrook has lost a fair amount of staff since COVID-19 started and is pretty sparse as it is. Will we still be at 50% staffing?
Each department will evaluate their area individually and will plan to staff according to their return to campus plan. Departments may also continue offering virtual student support services. Students located at an Education Center may need to use the remote services at the main campus.  

Would it be possible to offer a crisis management or de-escalation training for staff through PD? That can benefit staff working with college students and staff working off site with middle school or high school students.  We will be working with students who have not had structure for over a year and we might encounter situations that may need additional training and support. 
We are planning to record a training over summer regarding how to respond to a crisis in the F2F environment, which will supplement our training for the online environment.  Fall Plenary will also have trainings focused on responding to students in distress and de-escalation.  We will be recommending that Student Services and other employees be allowed to join these Plenary trainings as well, or we will come up with another way to provide trainings for staff who cannot join Plenary.

We all understand that everyone is or has experienced some sort of trauma during this time and prior to this.  Have you considered some form a trauma informed training for staff?  This would be beneficial as to how we serve our coworkers as well as our students.  Staff having a basic understand of trauma is very important when serving our student and having an understanding that trauma come in all forms.
We are working on bringing a Trauma-Informed Practices to Best Support College Students training to Palomar this Summer/Fall.  Details will be provided as they are available.

A concern is that people were coming to work when sick prior to the pandemic. If we are relying on a self-monitoring app, how can you be confident that those answers are honest.  People will still feel like they need to come into the office to do the work on the days they are required to be on campus.  Is a remote option being look at for people to work remotely if not feeling well?
Employees who are feeling ill/experiencing symptoms should stay home and not to come to work.  Employees should contact their supervisor if they are ill.  The District adheres to all guidance on quarantine, isolation, and testing from the California Department of Public Health and San Diego County Public Health Department.  This guidance is likely to change post June 15, 2021.  Finally, all supervisors should contact Human Resource Services if they have any questions on how to handle ill employees.

Is there a way to track what stage a department’s plan is in the review process? Or a timeline for when we should expect to look for that email from the EOC regarding approval and next steps?
Those who submit the original plan are given status updates at each level until completed.

Is there a likelihood that the Return to Campus Safety plans may change depending on the Governor’s announcement on June 15?
It is possible for a plan to change due to the fact that the College is required to adhere to health and safety guidance as provided by the California Department of Public Health and County of San Diego Department of Public Health Services.

If we no longer require the district laptop, what’s the process for returning it?
Please view the Steps for Technology Equipment Return on the Information Services website. You will need your original Equipment Removal form and need to make an appointment to return the items. You can make an appointment here.

If, in our Return to Campus Safety Plan, we include needs from Information Services (IS) order form (ie: laptops, docking stations, mics/web cams), will those need to be returned to IS in future semesters or will they be a permanent part of our department/office?
These items will most likely become a part of the department, depending on the type of equipment. IS will likely ask for extra monitors and secondary laptops/docking stations to be returned to IS supply.

How do we go about getting cameras on our computers in our offices?
Include a list of cameras/headsets/equipment that need to be installed as a part of Return to Campus Safety Plans, followed by the creation of an IS work order.

Will the library and food services be open in fall?
The library will be open for limited hours at San Marcos during the fall, and we’ll still be offering full services online. Aramark has submitted a preliminary plan to return to campus more fully in the fall. Like other areas of the campus, a return-to-campus safety plan has been requested.

Workspace Safety and Building Preparations 

When are the HVAC engineers going to assess the buildings? When should we expect the improvements to be installed?
HVAC Engineers are conducting a comprehensive assessment of all buildings on the main campus and education centers.  A report is expected during the week of May 24.  The facilities team is planning to have all safety measures installed prior to the return to campus date of August 15.

Which buildings will have new HVAC installed prior to the return to campus in Fall 2021?
The College is in the process of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of HVAC systems at the main campus and education centers.  Based on these findings, considerations may be made for extreme cases if the current HVAC system cannot be modified or utilized to address air changes and filtration guidelines.

Is the dome being considered for HVAC?
Yes, including other measures such as the use of fans.

Are air purifiers available for us in the offices of older buildings that have no windows?
This is a possibility in extreme cases where the HVAC system cannot be modified nor utilized to address air changes and filtration.

What about the use of outside air being filtered in?
HVAC Engineers are looking at this including the use of outside air.

Will ventilation control and temperature control for offices be tested before employees are asked to be in the buildings?
Yes, testing will be done to ensure requirements are met prior to August 15.

What steps will be taken to examine the air circulation and options for the trailers housing DSPS, health center, etc.?
HVAC Engineers have included these areas in their analysis.  Remedies will be addressed prior to August 15.

Please clarify whether cleaning is planned for only at the end of the day or after each student uses an area.
A comprehensive cleaning will be planned at periodic times based on CDC guidelines.  Shared workspaces should be wiped clean after each use.  Sanitizing wipes can be ordered through a facilities remedy request by sending an email to


What is the process for faculty to apply for reimbursement due to circumstances around COVID-19?
Currently, the Palomar Faculty Federation does not have a Memorandum of Understanding with the District in regards to the reimbursement of costs associated with COVID-19.  All employees should work with their supervisors to address reimbursement needs.

Will the District potentially look at contracts to add potential remote work?
The District intends to implement a permanent telecommute policy for positions that can still serve the educational mission of the institution in a remote capacity. Remote work will be the exception, not the rule. Work on the policy is ongoing and will go through the appropriate negotiation process with our union partners to discuss impacts.

COVID-19 Screening Information

What type of COVID-19 screening will be ongoing?
Temperature and COVID-19 symptom screening stations will continue until June 15, 2021. The College will be launching an application that will provide for self-monitoring.

How will the Palomar College mobile COVID-19 app work? What about fully vaccinated students & employees?
All students and employees, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to complete a set of questions regarding body temperature and COVID-19 symptoms. Depending on the answers to these questions, the app will provide an indication if you should stay home or come to campus. Upon arriving at campus, students and employees will be required to show proof of validation to come to campus.

What about devices for temperature screening as a failsafe beyond proof of vaccination as the semester proceeds?
Temperature and COVID-19 symptom screening stations will continue until June 15, 2021. The College will be launching an application that will provide for self-monitoring.

Community Use of Facilities

Do we have any updates about Summer and Fall for facility usage for outside (non-Palomar) groups?
Groups conducting public events to serve the essential needs of the region, such as food distributions and vaccinations, will continue to be permitted.  The Emergency Operations Center will make recommendations to the Policy team as we move closer to the Fall term.  An announcement will be issued as the status of external use recommendations is updated.

How will the vaccination policy be enforced for community members?
We will inform all community members who plan to use campus facilities of our vaccination plan.  While we can’t require proof of vaccination from our community members, we will ask them to download the Palomar App, conduct a screening for body temperature and COVID-19 symptoms, and show their results to the monitor at the entrance to the campus or Education Center.


Remote Instruction

How do I access the 3PD Portal?

Click here to access:

On the left-hand side navigation, click on the “3PD Portal (Click Here)” link. Log in using your Palomar credentials. Then click on the “3PD Portal” button. This will take you to the page where you can view upcoming Professional Development opportunities (“Register for PD Workshops” button) and/or view the General Information discussions (“College News and General Information” button).

Are proctoring services still available for exams?

In-person proctoring services are temporarily suspended at San Marcos (STAR), Fallbrook (TLC), and Rancho Bernardo (TLC). The college has a license to Proctorio, an automated remote proctoring service that is integrated into Canvas for quizzes or exams. A brief introduction to Proctorio is available by clicking here. Please contact the ATRC for additional questions and support (

What are the different class formats?

Palomar Class Formats

  • Traditional Online/Asynchronous (Online Only)
    • A fully online class with no real-time meeting requirements, all content is delivered via Canvas.  The course has due dates set by the instructor, but students can complete the work on their schedule before the deadline. Tests and quizzes also have deadlines but will be completed by students online.
  • Mixed Online/Synchronous (Online Only)
    • A fully online experience with the added benefit of real-time, regularly scheduled classroom-type interaction, students will not come to campus. A mixed online class will require real-time online meetings (via Zoom) that occur on scheduled days at scheduled times.  Quizzes, tests, and other coursework may be completed outside of the online Zoom meetings by the due date set by the instructor. Instructors may assign tests, quizzes, etc., on the regular schedule as well.
  • Mixed Online/Campus (Online & On-Campus)
    • A class that is partly online and partly on campus, the course includes scheduled, on-campus meetings through the semester as well as class materials completed online. The course is offered through Canvas. The assignments and assessments can be done in person in a classroom or online through Canvas and Zoom meetings.
  • Face-to-Face/Campus (In-Person, On-Campus Instruction)
    • A traditional form of class with set, on-campus meeting times each week. Students and the instructor meet regularly in a classroom but can still use Canvas to deliver assignments, activities and tests. Canvas can also be used to communicate with students outside of class and track grades.

Can I require students to meet on Zoom outside of class time indicated on the course schedule?

No. Faculty teaching classes without meeting times cannot require students to meet on Zoom for class credit. Also, faculty teaching synchronous classes cannot require students to meet beyond the time listed in the course schedule.


What is Zoom “Bombing”?

A new form of trolling in which a participant uses Zoom’s screen-sharing feature, audio or video to interrupt and disrupt meetings and classes.

How can I help prevent Zoom “Bombing”?

Zoom has many suggestions to help prevent this from occurring that you can find on this COVID-19 website. Some of these suggestions are to have a waiting room for your meeting or set a password for your meeting. You may also want to turn off screen sharing for participants by default and only turn it on when needed.

What can I do if someone is misbehaving in my Zoom meeting?

You can always remove a participant from your meeting if they are not abiding by the rules.

Is there a difference between Zoom accounts through Palomar College and Zoom accounts directly from Zoom?

Yes! Zoom is the application that literally anyone anywhere can use to hold video meetings. TechConnect Zoom provides licensed accounts for Palomar’s faculty and staff to use*. These licensed accounts (or “pro accounts”) have less limitations and more features than the regular, free accounts. Once you have a Zoom account through Palomar College, you will be able to link it to Canvas and access from within your course Canvas pages. Students are able to participate in any event without having a Zoom account.

How do I create my Zoom account through Palomar College?

To set up your Zoom account you will need to log into the Palomar Portal ( and look for the Zoom tile and click on it. That will automatically set up your Palomar Zoom account.

If, however, you don’t have that tile, you’ll need to request from the Information Services Helpdesk ( or X2140) that they add that tile to your Portal screen. Once they have the tile established in the Portal for you, you’ll need to click it to get your account set up.

Is there anything special Adjunct Faculty need to know about Zoom?

Yes. You need to establish a Zoom account for each of the colleges where you work. This is because your Zoom account needs to be registered with the exact same email address you use to access your college’s Canvas account. (Note: This applies to everyone, not just Adjunct Faculty; however, Adjuncts are most likely to be impacted by this, as they are most likely to teach at multiple institutions.)

Can I access Zoom from within Canvas?

Yes. In order to do so, you must ensure the link is visible. Inside your course, the left-hand side navigation has a series of links (Home, Syllabus, Announcements, Assignments, etc). The one you want to be sure is listed is named “Zoom.” If you do not see it listed, click on the last one listed, “Settings.” Once there, click on the tab up top labeled “Navigation.” Scroll down the list and drag Zoom up into the active section. Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Save.” You will now see the Zoom link listed on the left-hand side navigation toolbar.

Scheduling meetings for your classes

When scheduling meetings for your classes, it is important to use the “Zoom” link from within Canvas. By creating these schedules inside of Canvas, your students will be able to see upcoming meetings and easily click to join.

Resources for Your Students

This is a confusing and stressful time for everyone, especially our students. The following information may prove helpful in answering some frequently asked questions from your students. Please feel free to share this information with them.

How do I keep my students informed of changes due to COVID-19?

Please remind your students to check their Palomar email, as this is the only official email address for correspondence. Additionally, please refer students to the College’s COVID-19 webpage: Palomar also has a Student FAQ webpage:

The Chancellor’s Office has set up a web page for students as well: 

Are there resources I can share with my students to answer their questions?

Yes. Palomar’s team has been hard at work preparing robust guides and FAQs geared toward students. Please see the following excellent resources (hyperlinked):

How do I help students who do not have internet access?

Plans are being solidified to allow remove access to software for our students. Additionally, many businesses are offering specials for those impacted by COVID-19, effective Monday March 16th:

  • Comcast: Offering 60 days free internet (new subscribers) and increased internet speeds (for all). For full details, click here.
  • Spectrum: Offering two-months free internet for students. For full details, click here. More information regarding services and COVID-19 can be located here. Additionally, Spectrum offers low-cost internet for qualifying households (details here). 
  • Cox: Offers some assistance during this COVID-19 pandemic, including one month free in their Connect2Compete program. Locate information here
  • AT&T: Offers a low-cost internet plan for qualifying households (details here). Additional COVID-19 related information/specials can be found here

How do I help my students if they need money or a computer?

Palomar College’s Foundation is offering emergency grants in the amounts of $100 – $250 to help assist students with technology, internet access, work-gap challenges or essential needs. Please direct your student to the application on the Foundation’s website by clicking here.  

How do I help my students if they don’t have the class textbook?

  • The Foundation is awarding emergency grants that can be used for textbooks: Emergency Funds – Gene Jackson Emergency Loan  or Emergency Funds – Palomar Foundation.
  • The bookstore is partnering with publishers for free eBooks – it’s worth a try to see if your textbook is included in case your students don’t have copies. Be sure to have the ISBN, Title, and Edition information for your students (details here).
  • Palomar College Library is also offering guidance for faculty with copyright and finding electronic copies of textbooks (click here).

Textbook Rental Check-ins/ Returns

Can I come to the bookstore to check-in my rental textbooks for this term?

Our bookstore store is closed. You can ship rentals back to the store via a free FedEx return label.

Two ways to get a Rental Return Label
  1. Wait for the rental reminder email that is sent 14 days before your rental due date. Email is sent again 7 days, 3 days, and the day of your due date. This email contains a link to generate a free return shipping label and packing
  2. Or you can immediately generate a free return shipping label on bookstore website, in your account:
    1. Click the Sign In link on the top right side of the page to sign into your
    2. Enter the email address you provided at the register when you rented. Note: Even if you rented in the store, an account was created using the email you provided at the
    3. If you don’t know your password, you can click Forgot Password link for a temporary password to be emailed to you.
  1. Once you’ve signed in, click the link “Rentals”. You will be navigated to the Rentals page in your
  2. On Rentals page, scroll down the page to see the books you rented. Click the link “Return All Rentals by Mail”. You can also click the button “Return by Mail”. Both open a pop up to select your rentals to ship back.
  3. Follow the steps to generate and print the return label and packing slip. This option is available until your rental due

Because the campus is closed, I cannot bring in my rented textbooks. Will I get charged for the textbooks due to missing the due date?

While the due date for rented books has not changed, the “non-return charge date” has been extended 15 days past your current return due date to allow time for your mailed book to reach the store. To avoid late charges, please have your book in transit by the due date.

Can I BUY or EXTEND my rentals on the website?

If you originally rented your textbook in the store, there is no option to buy or extend the rental on the website at this time. If you rented your textbook online, you have an option to buy or extend the rental on the bookstore website on the Rentals page:

Textbook Purchases and Previous Orders

I placed an order online for pickup, but the bookstore is closed. What should I do?

Please contact the campus store using the steps below and someone will assist you. Please allow several business days for the staff to respond, as they are working to answer all order inquiries.

  1. Click “Contact Store” in the footer of the bookstore website.
  2. Under “Questions & Comments” section, you can fill out the form to send an email to the
  3. Ensure to provide your Web Order

I placed an order but I have not received any confirmation my item has shipped. What’s going on?

Your item may be shipping from a location that has closed due to COVID-19 concerns. Your order will be filled when we are able to access that location again. Items that are in this situation are marked as “backordered” on the website. However, when you placed your order, the ship-from location may not yet have been closed or was in the process of closing so this backorder status may not have been displaying, check the item again now for confirmation.

Sorry for the inconvenience during this uncertain time. If you wish to cancel an order in this status, use the same contact form described above.

I need to purchase upcoming term textbooks and supplies; do I need to come to the store?

No, instead you can order from the bookstore website.  You can choose from a variety of shipping options or schedule a time for contactless pick-up from the San Marcos Campus.

Selling Back Textbooks (Book Buyback)

Can I sell my textbooks back to the bookstore?

You can sell back books online (ship your books) through the “Sell Your Textbooks” link in the footer of the bookstore website.

(U.S. Stores Only) How to Sell Your Textbooks Online

  1. Click the “Sell Your Textbooks” link from the website
  2. On the Sell Your Textbooks page, refer to the Online section and click “Sell Your Textbooks

Are there any resources for helping students use Zoom?

Yes! The Associated Student Government (ASG) has put together an excellent guide outlining using Zoom for meetings, directed toward students. You can access that guide by clicking here (Google Doc created by Rachel Alazar, ASG Secretary).

Resources for Employees

Many of our colleagues have been hard at work preparing excellent resources. Please find links to these below.

Employee Information and FAQs

Visit the Human Resources Site for answers to questions impacting all campus employees.

COVID-19 Vaccine Website

Visit the Vaccinate CA website to find a COVID-19 vaccination.

Latest Coronavirus Updates

Visit the Palomar COVID-19 website, updated with the most recent announcements regarding COVID-19 and the impacts on campus.

Off-Campus Resources:

State of California COVID-19 updates 

The official website for California, dedicated to important information and updates regarding COVID-19

California Community Colleges – COVID-19 updates

Chancellor’s Office website with information and resources to help in transitioning courses

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Updates

Provides Updates, Guidance, and Emergency Notifications for CA Community Colleges

CCCCO Staff Resources

Provides information on the Vision Resource Center and Conversion to Online Instruction

More Questions!

Where can I find regular campus updates?

You can always find up-to-date campus notifications on the COVID-19 webpage

What if I have more questions?

Undoubtedly you will continue to think of great questions! There is a form located on the upper, right side of this webpage for you to enter any questions. You should be contacting your department chair for any questions you have. For working conditions questions, contact PFF at

Do you have a question that isn't answered here?

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