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Temporary Alternative Methods of Instruction

Teaching Resources



Email: The simplest (but most limited) solution is for instructors to use their Palomar email account to send instructions and written lessons as attachments to all students in their classes. Students will be able to ask questions and submit assignments via email. 


ZOOM: If instructors want to hold classes during normal, scheduled times, they can use Zoom, a free tool Palomar has for online meetings. It’s easy to install and use and works on any web browser or mobile phone. 

Instructors can set up a free account at ConferZoom( Support information and guides are provided. 


CANVAS: Fortunately, the majority of instructors at Palomar already make some use of CANVAS, even if they are not teaching online. CANVAS allows instructors to post syllabi, assignments, grades, discussion boards, lectures, etc. Students can also easily submit papers and take quizzes through CANVAS. 

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