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Happy End of Fall Semester 2018!!
As you are embarking on a much-deserved break, Team Life would like to invite you to a “Palomar College Intersession Team Life Step Challenge!”  In an effort to stay healthy during this holiday season, we are hosting an opportunity for you to set your own goals, record your steps and earn prizes.  The first week, you will record your steps as a baseline.  The following weeks YOU set your goals!  Then, you record your efforts!  No shaming.  No guilt.  All support and encouragement!  I will send you certificates for the prizes via e-mail, and you will receive instructions for acquiring these “prizes.” Additionally, you will receive a friendly reminder each evening to record your steps.  We want this to be a fun way to keep active during the holiday!
The “challenge” begins on 12/19/18 and ends on 1/22/19.

So, begin here (fill out the form by Tuesday, December 18th):

There are over 30 Palomar employees committed to taking steps (pun intended) to be healthy this intersession!  We have a variety of incentives (see the google doc spreadsheet for more information), and TEAM LIFE wants to encourage you to be the best you throughout this intersession!!


Each day you will submit your total number of steps using the Steps Reporting Form located at:

There is a drop-down on this form–find your name or pseudonym, note the date, and record your steps!

You will get outlook reminders to record your steps each evening. Each Monday, I (Laurel) will send you an e-mail with a form for setting your individual goal and with information about walks, runs, hikes or other data of interest.  Watch for these e-mails!

Throughout the challenge you can keep updated on your progress, and the progress we are making as a team, by viewing the TEAM LIFE Intersession Step Challenge progress sheet at:


Tomorrow, December 19th is our first day of STEP RECORDING!! The first week is your baseline week.  You will set goals based on your daily average!

Have an awesome week!!


Chronological vs. Biological Age

Did you know you have two different ages?

Essentially, everyone has two ages: a chronological age, how old the calendar says you are, and a phenotypic or biological age, basically the age at which your body functions as it compares to average fitness or health levels.

“People of the same chronological age aren’t all at the same risk for developing cardiovascular disease or cancer or even dying,” Levine said. “What [the biological age] does is actually give us a better idea of where someone stands for their age.”

-Samantha Bresnahan, CNN

Check out the article “You have two ages, chronological and biological. Here’s why it matters”

If it gets you curious, and it should, come see one of the TEAM LIFE Co-Chairs, Wendy Corbin or Marti Snyder, to step on the scale and find out your biological ages.  It could light the fire under you that you’ve been hoping for to make some positive changes!

(Results are personal and will be seen by only you.)

Which will you be?

left side of image: Older man looks at reflection of younger self in window. Image on right: younger man look at reflection of older self in mirror


Free Fitness Center Orientation and 10-day Workout Pass


Medicine for the People

We made it through another work week! It’s time to rejuvenate, refresh, and reconnect with ourselves. We hope this song/video inspires you to enjoy nature, disconnect with technology, find comfort in friends and family, or embrace the tranquility of solitude. Get active or meditate. Give your body and mind the medicine it is  asking for.

To life and health!

Too busy, too stressed to attend wellness activities?

We’re all in that place again–
Glued to our seats with deadlines to meet and inbox overload. Are you too overwhelmed to attend a TEAM LIFE fitness activity? Then now might just be the perfect time to step away from your desk and reward your body and brain with a little sweat break.

Did you know that even just a short, midday workshop can:

Boost your mood and energy levels
Reduce chance of illness
Reduce Stress
Improve your problem solving skills
And so much more!

Join TEAM LIFE for any of the fitness activities listed below in our Fall 2018 schedule flyer, or take a walk. Rest your mind and stretch your legs. Your body and mind will thank you.
TEAM LIFE thanks you for all you do. Now be sure to take care of you too! You deserve it!



Step Aerobics 11/1/18

Hey there!
We’re going to mix things up just a bit and try something new.  Weston Titus, who normally facilitates our High Intensity Functional Training, will lead a Step Aerobics workout in its place on Thursday, November 1st in G-8 at 4 p.m. As always, our TEAM LIFE campus activities are completely free and open to any employee who would like to attend.

Let’s get to steppin’!

Grape Day 5k

Thanks to Chris Miller, Director of Facilities, Palomar College was given entries to the Grape Day 5k. The weather was perfect and we had an excellent time! Please join us next year!


Intermediate Yoga cancelled for 10/25 and 11/1

Hello, yoga-ers (what’s the right word?),

We will have to cancel the gentle yoga activity for today, 10/25, and next week, 11/1. Candace will be back for Thursdays on the following week, 11/8. Her Monday class schedule is unaffected.

See you Monday for Intermediate Yoga, or Thursday, November 8th for Gentle Yoga.

Featured Runs for Fall 2018

TEAM LIFE would like to proudly support two featured runs this semester, the Monster Dash and Bash and the Grape Day 5k.

Please join us in your support for and promotion of the College’s first 5k event on campus, the Monster Dash and Bash. Click on the image below for additional information and to register for the event.


Thanks to Chris Miller and Ron Perez, the College was again able to secure race entries for Palomar College to the Grape Day 5k. We have only 30 race entry waivers available. If you are interested in running/walking the Grape Day 5k scheduled for 10/6/2018, please fill out the form in the link below and we will enter you to win a free entry into the race. The application for free entries will close on Monday, 9/21/2018.

For more information on the event visit