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Biggest Loser: FINAL RESULTS!

Congratulations to our first place team “AMERICAN FATIATORS” and our second place team “STAY FOCUSED”!!!
And congratulations to FRANCISCA GONZALEZ and ULI NAVA, our top female and male participants!!!

Great job everyone!


Team Average % loss
American FatiatorsJennifer Finn-6.82%
Susan Rogers
Uli Nava
Elizabeth Zamora
Stay FocusedAngelina Arzate-5.82%
Francisca Gonzalez
Yenifer Maldonado
Adriana Sanchez
The ShreddersSrisuda Luettringhaus-4.88%
Liliana Martinez
Shrinky DinksTricia Bravo-4.18%
Elena Fernandez
Tania Silva
Christine Winterle
2 Random GuysCasey Koss-3.92%
Evic Oropilla
No Photoshop here!Margie Adcock-2.33%
Mei-Chun Gau
Si, Se PuedeCynthia Cordova-2.20%
Sabrina Menchaca
Journey to LoseSandra Brown-1.32%
Lorraine Lopez
Triple Threat Calorie CrushersMelissa Adan-1.21%
Jenny Fererro
Judy Gervasio
Getting Selfie ReadyCheryl Ashour-1.20%
Joi Blake
Debra Doerfler
Laura Gropen
FlabulousKaren Donovan-.79%
Monique Lineback
Loren Pope
Julie Robinson
The Toned ThintasticKelly Falcone-.60%
Rachel Miller
Grace Robertson
Marti Snyder


Name% loss
Francisca Gonzalez-11.87%
Susan Rogers-11.09%
Liliana Martinez-9.6%
Tricia Bravo-7.74%
Uli Nava-6.81%
Elizabeth Zamora-6.68%
Yenifer Maldonado-6.08
Evic Oropilla-5.77%
Christine Winterle-4.70%
Tania Silva-4.02%

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