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Chronological vs. Biological Age

Did you know you have two different ages?

Essentially, everyone has two ages: a chronological age, how old the calendar says you are, and a phenotypic or biological age, basically the age at which your body functions as it compares to average fitness or health levels.

“People of the same chronological age aren’t all at the same risk for developing cardiovascular disease or cancer or even dying,” Levine said. “What [the biological age] does is actually give us a better idea of where someone stands for their age.”

-Samantha Bresnahan, CNN

Check out the article “You have two ages, chronological and biological. Here’s why it matters”

If it gets you curious, and it should, come see one of the TEAM LIFE Co-Chairs, Wendy Corbin or Marti Snyder, to step on the scale and find out your biological ages.  It could light the fire under you that you’ve been hoping for to make some positive changes!

(Results are personal and will be seen by only you.)

Which will you be?

left side of image: Older man looks at reflection of younger self in window. Image on right: younger man look at reflection of older self in mirror


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