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Evaluation Calendars

These Evaluation Calendars are for Academic Year 2020-2021. They were created when we were unsure how instruction would be delivered in 20-21. As a result, they are written in a way to interface with face-to-face instruction, but we are using these calendars for the online environment.

With that in mind, the dates still fit–though some activities (“send evals to TERB, etc.”) do not. Student evaluations for online courses are 100% proctored by the Tenure and Evaluations office via Canvas and email.

Even though the dates are the dates, in the current  environment, slight flexibility is permitted–but written communication between evaluator and evaluee is required. For example, the period for observations for full-term courses aligns, mainly, with the month of October. However, if an evaluator/evaluee would like the observation to happen at the end of September or the beginning of November, as long as the final report is not delayed, and as long as both evaluator and evaluee agree, that slight flexibility should not be a problem. Just be reasonable, smart, and kind; 2020 is bad enough.


For best readability, please use Adobe to Zoom in to 150%.

Probationary Faculty Evaluations Calendar

Part-Time Faculty Evaluations Calendar Spring 2021

Tenured (Peer) Evaluations Calendar

ECELS Evaluations Calendar

Observation and Student Evaluation Period for Full-Term Courses: Mid-March through End of April

Observation and Student Evaluation Period for Short-Term Courses: Middle of Course Term

Observation and Student Evaluation Period for Counseling/Library Sessions: Weeks 4-14 of the semester

Probationary Faculty Spring Meetings (Year 2 and 3 Faculty Only): End of Semester

Spring 2021 Probationary Spring Meeting Confirmation due to Tenure and Evaluations Office: End of Semester Before Leaving for Summer

Link to full calendars