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Peer Review Committee Composition and Updates

Please use the form below to send the Tenure and Evaluations Office information about your Peer Review Committee.

Information for the evaluee: Three years have passed since your last faculty evaluation, and it’s time for you to be evaluated again. This process has been designed to assist you in evaluating your performance, to recognize and support your areas of excellence, and to identify and address areas for improvement and growth.

Your Peer Review Committee membership consists of:

1. Department chair/director or his/her designee*
2. A permanent faculty member from your department, or a related discipline, selected by you (the evaluee)
*If you are currently serving as department chair and are due for an evaluation, please note that your PRC chair selection must be approved by TERB. Also, the TERB Coordinator will email you separately to ask  your choice for the PRC Chair; as such, there is no box to name PRC Chair on this form.

Please fill out the form below and submit it no later than August 30th.

Peer Review Committee Composition and Updates

Please fill out the parts of this form that pertain to you.
  • Per contract, the Department Chair choose the Chair of a Peer Review Committee. How that is put into practice varies from Department to Department. If you know the Peer Review Chair Name, please put it in this box.
  • While your department chair is or selects the chair for your PRC, you choose the second member of your PRC.
    Again, if so, please tell us which course is FAST TRACK in the appropriate box above.

Evaluation packets with instructions will be sent to the Peer Review Committee Chairperson. If you have any questions or need information, please call the Tenure and Evaluations Office at extensions 2403 or 2981 or contact us by email:  and

Observation and Student Evaluation Period for Full-Term Courses: Mid-March through End of April

Observation and Student Evaluation Period for Short-Term Courses: Middle of Course Term

Observation and Student Evaluation Period for Counseling/Library Sessions: Weeks 4-14 of the semester

Probationary Faculty Spring Meetings (Year 2 and 3 Faculty Only): End of Semester

Spring 2021 Probationary Spring Meeting Confirmation due to Tenure and Evaluations Office: End of Semester Before Leaving for Summer

Link to full calendars