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TLC Escondido

Palomar College Escondido Center



CounselingSpring ’19 Counseling Schedule in the TLC:

EOPS Counselor: Veronica Aguilera on Mondays, 9:00am – 4:00pm

AEP Counselor: Larry Moyano on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30am – 7:00pm

The TLC Escondido has counselors that can assist students with:

Educational planning

Students are encouraged to speak with counselors regarding any academic planning issues which may arise during their time at Palomar College. Counselors will assist with identifying academic goals and developing computer generated student education plans through a scheduled appointment.

Deciding on your program/major 

For many students deciding on a program/major can be confusing and frustrating. You may feel pressure to immediately decide on a major and to know what path to take.  Nevertheless, deciding on a college major is a process that often takes time.  Getting to know yourself  and your options is the first step in choosing a college major.  A counselor can assist you through the process.

Career exploration

Counselors offer guidance to those students who are uncertain of their career path.  Students are encouraged to explore career possibilities through the guidance of career counselors, use of research materials and career assessment inventories.

Transfer planning for UC, CSU,  Private and Out-of-State colleges

Through scheduled appointments students will learn how to successfully transfer to a four-year university. You will receive assistance in researching and choosing the right university based on your individual needs.

Personal counseling 

Counselors will provide support to those students with issues arising from managing the stress of school life and personal life. They will also make referrals to other professionals, shelters, hotlines, and other resources. Personal counseling sessions will be kept confidential.

Walk-in counseling

Walk-in counseling sessions may available depending on availability.  Counselors may be able to help with questions about Math/English eligibility; simple or general questions about degree and or transfer requirements; general questions about financial aid options; printing out pre-existing education plans; questions about deadlines, timelines, course equivalencies, workshops, and identifying additional support services and resources.

To make an appointment with a General Counselor at the TLC, call (760) 744-1150 ext. 8171.  For more information about how to be prepared for your appointment, go to the counseling services web page.

Counseling Services Available in the TLC!

Last modified on February 4, 2019