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Make-Up Exams

The Escondido TLC proctors make-up exams for Palomar courses only.

A printed copy of the make-up test request form along with the printed exam must be hand delivered or sent via campus mail. No scans/emails are allowed.

All completed exams are available to be picked up by the instructor or placed in their Escondido mailbox or sent via campus mail to the main campus.

Please note that while we provide this service, the TLC is an open environment where other students, faculty, and tutors are talking and studying.  For full-class exam proctoring and a completely proctored exam site, please contact S.T.A.R. Tutoring Center on the main campus.

Make-up Test Request Form Link TLC Make Up Test Request Form

DRC Make-up Exams

For DRC students, you need to contact the DRC at x2375 first in order for them to set up an appointment explaining the accommodations needed for us to proctor the exam.


Last modified on January 23, 2020