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TLC Spring 2020 Tutoring Schedule

CLOSED for face-to-face tutoring from March 17th through end of term.

AN ONLINE tutoring link will be posted on Monday, March 30th.

Come to the TLC and work with a  tutor.

FREE  tutoring to ALL registered Palomar students starts the second week of the spring semester.  Please feel free to stop by the TLC to study or talk with a tutor.

Come enjoy a large space where you can work independently or with a tutor.  ALL Palomar College students are welcome!



**If you are taking an online class, take advantage of online tutoring: **Come into the TLC at any stage of your assignments to talk with a tutor.  Tutoring is free, so come in and get ahead.   There are no appointments, so you can come at any time when the tutors are available.  All questions are good questions. Study groups are welcome in the TLC.   Be in a place where you have access to a tutor even if you don’t think you will need one. Tutors are here to work with you on English/writing, mathematics, and  chemistry. Tutoring Schedule subject to change based on tutor availability.   All tutors are CRLA Certified.CRLA certified tutor logo

Last modified on March 17, 2020