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Collaborative Student Study Room Policy


 • Student Study Rooms are for the exclusive use of currently enrolled Palomar College students for collaborative study and group projects.

•Student Study Rooms are for groups of 3 or more students only.

•Priority of the Study Rooms is given to embedded tutors in learning communities or TLC program activities/workshops.

• Student Study Rooms may not be used for clubs, recreation, classes, or regularly scheduled meetings including campus departmental meetings or instructor office hours.

• All Study Rooms are unlocked and available for Palomar College students on a a first come, first served basis unless reserved for embedded tutoring. Reservations are not made for any student groups.

•Student Study Rooms may be reserved for embedded tutors only, and are coordinated with the TLC staff during the first two weeks of the semester. Room reservation calendars are posted outside of each room to inform students when the room is reserved for embedded tutoring use.



Please observe the following guidelines when using the study rooms:

• A minimum of 3 students is required, and a maximum of 10 people are allowed in the study rooms.

• Groups with less than 3 students will be asked to use the central study space when there is a high demand for the study rooms. If if another group needs to use the room.

• Beginning Spring 2015, groups will be limited to 2 hours. Groups may stay beyond this time limit if no other group needs the room; however, they may be asked to leave once the room is needed.

•The use of the study room is for group academic purposes only. They are not intended for either individual study or socializing.

• Leaving unattended items in a study room does not constitute fair use and others may use rooms even if unattended items are left behind.

•The TLC is not responsible for personal property left in rooms.

•No food or uncovered drinks are allowed in the study rooms.

All rooms have a whiteboard. Please use only appropriate markers and erasers on the whiteboards. If you do not have your own dry-erase markers or erasers, you may check these items out from the TLC front desk.

•The rooms are subject to the Palomar College Student Conduct policy.

•There should be no unnecessary noise, boisterous behavior, musical instruments or loud music played in the rooms. Study rooms are not sound proof.

• Any other inappropriate conduct or behavior (i.e. eating and drinking, smoking, etc.) will result in patrons being expelled from the study room.

• Rooms are subject to occasional inspection by staff.