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Academic Success

Discover your learning style in this interactive Skillshop. Like fashion, each of us has a unique style when it comes to learning in the classroom. You will walk away knowing your learning preference and strategies to use in the classroom and home to help you succeed.

Incorporate new skills that will enable you to become a more proficient note-taker. Mind mapping, abbreviations, short-hand, and Cornell-style will be discussed.

This Skillshop will cover the key steps in helping you identify a major. Popular myths about careers and majors will be discussed. You will walk away with a better understanding of the process of exploring majors, how to identify your interests, and what resources to  utilize to help you further clarify your goals in this process.
End this semester on a high note by “acing your finals.” Join us to learn the best strategies to boost your study efficiency and productivity.
Learn effective goal setting strategies, learn the difference between goals and dreams. Learn how to turn your life plan into bite size goals that you can successfully achieve, you will be on the path to achieving them while staying focused and motivated the entire journey!
This Skillshop will teach you how to use visual representations of material to: summarize material, organize, and clarify concepts. Break down detailed   material, restructure and  manipulate information for greater understanding.
The Palomar College Library is online and has locations at the main campus and all of the centers. The librarians and staff love helping students and we can save you time and money. This workshop will tell you more about what you can ask for at the library. It's easy to make the library part of your success! 


In this Skillshop you’ll learn; Study Strategies, Note Taking Pointers, New Methods of Studying, Time management tips, and how to find additional resources on & off campus.


College is not only about going to class and studying but also about managing your time to make the most of your college experience. Join us to learn how to effectively strategize work, school, and personal life while reducing stress and increasing success.


Does worry and stress affect your ability to enjoy life at home, work, school, and elsewhere? Does stress and anxiety lower your grades on a test? Learn how to eliminate stress and test  anxiety in a matter of minutes. You'll learn state-of-the-art techniques that are well researched and easy to perform.


Assess your current test taking strategies. Reflect on what you might need to do to improve your techniques. Discover the planning that goes into preparing for exams. Learn about different types of tests. Discover the    benefits of study groups.
Be in the KNOW about the NEW! Join Outreach Librarian Natalie Lopez on a virtual tour of the new Library space! Find out about library services and resources to help you succeed.

Outreach Librarian Natalie Lopez will teach you how to read a scholarly article from your library databases!

Career Exploration & Planning

Meet Palomar College Police Department’s Chief Moore and Lead CSO David Reza to learn about how  Officers and CSOs assist our students every day. Meet some of those keeping the campus safe every day.


Everyday Awareness and What to do in an Emergency Situation


  • Free coffee
  • Share your thoughts
  • Casual Conversation
Get a head start on your career with hands-on experience. Learn how jobs and internships can advance your educational and career goals and how Palomar College's Cooperative Education Team can help.
This session will focus on the benefits of Service Learning. We will also go over paperwork/process/deadlines.
In this workshop we will discuss what failure looks like to each of us and learn if failure is a challenge or an opportunity. How we handle failure keeps us stagnant or moves us forward. Come and learn more about the FEAR of FAILING.
Did you know that up to 70% of all companies do not post their jobs online? For students who already have a career chosen, this workshop covers job networking, how to search, and evaluate job advertisements to determine if your skills align and if the company is right for you. Learn the secrets of how HR recruiters post job advertisements.


What type of resume do you need for a job in your degree program? How do you get your resume noticed by hiring managers? How do you find jobs that match your interests and skills? The workshop will teach you how to apply your education to meet industry specific requirements and teach you which mistakes to avoid. Students will write their resume the workshop and receive guidance from HR  experts.
Do job interviews make you nervous or stressful? How should you answer those “tough questions” in a job interview and what is a “trap question?” Come learn the answer to these questions, and practice interviewing with HR professionals.
Did you know that HR recruiter’s post jobs on LinkedIn? Do you want to connect with  professionals in your areas of study or industry? Come learn how LinkedIn works from HR professionals, and set up your account.
Are you Blue? Perhaps Gold? Maybe Green? Or Orange? This workshop will help  participants learn about the True Colors personality assessment and learn more about themselves and understand others’ colors in addition to their own.


How do you impress an employer with your cover letter? What is the difference between a resume and a cover letter? This workshop teaches students about content, format and how to increase their chances of being hired.

Join the Palomar College Police Department in honoring Women’s History Month 2020. These women will share the stories of their personal and professional journeys as we honor the contributions of women to every facet of society, during this annual celebration.
Sheriff Commander Theresa Adams Hydar
Officer Ashley Witherspoon (PC Alumni)- Oceanside PD·
Dispatcher Nieves Suarez-PCPD

We will explore how an entrepreneurial mindset enables you to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for your outcomes. It is a constant need to improve your skills, learn from your mistakes, and take continuous action on your ideas.

Getting info on:

Application process
Testing Process
What to do after acceptance

Get a head start on your career with hands-on experience. Learn how jobs and internships can advance your educational and career goals and how Palomar College's Cooperative Education Team can help.
Come to learn how Handshake, the country's premier college-to-career network, can boost your job and internship search. Used by thousands of employers and 4-year colleges - including the CSU and UC systems - Handshake is a must-use system for college students looking to take the next step in their career journey. 

Financial Literacy

Learn the financial things to consider before, during and after the process of purchasing a vehicle. Remembering that a car purchase can be one of the biggest financial decision one makes, what are the long term effects of making the correct or wrong purchase? Have you considered all the expenses associated with car ownership and how the car you choose can affect that cost? This presentation is interactive and uses real-life examples to illustrate the importance of knowing your credit profile and budget when car buying.


An interactive workshop is aimed at helping you see budgeting as a lifestyle. Topics that will be addressed: benefits of budgeting, overcoming budget aversion, and effective goal setting and saving. Hear real life examples that help illustrate the importance of creating a spending plan. You too can create a plan to make the best use of your money!


Setting long-term and short-term goals. Most people who have built wealth didn’t do so overnight. They acquired it by setting goals and actively working to achieve them. These goals are split between short-term goals (up to three years) and long-term goals (three + years). You will work with financial experts who will help you work on setting realistic financial goals and address ways to achieve them, even when “life” happens.


Come learn the ins & outs of credit cards, loans, lending and finance charges. Learn the benefit of credit and how YOU can start building credit for your future.


Come learn the ins & outs of credit cards, loans, lending and finance charges. Learn the benefit of credit and how YOU can start building credit for your future.


Learn from our experts what you need to know before you go car shopping—from financing to researching your options ensuring you get the best deal at a price that fits your budget. 
This course will take a look at credit reports, credit scores, and credit history to explain how your credit score is calculated and discuss the steps you can take to improve your score.
This topic explores how you can supplement your savings by exploring grants and scholarships, including federal and state student loans, before considering a private education loan. 
Experts will discuss how you can put together a repayment plan for existing student loan debt and properly plan for future student loans. 

Financial Aid Assistance

Financial Aid Specialists will be available to provide free hands-on assistance with your 2019-2020 FAFSA Application.

Health & Wellness

The Student Wellness Advocacy Group invites you to learn about some of the triggers and risk factors associated with Depression and Suicide. COVID-19 and social distancing have added new layers of hardships to many of us, leaving us more vulnerable to developing issues with our mental health.  
Lets talk! In this workshop you will learn about how to build healthy relationships starting with building a healthy you!


Join our team for a Skillshop focused on improving the most important relationship you will ever have…the relationship you have with yourself.  Excessive worries and self-criticism are often symptoms of heightened stress and negatively impact our self-confidence and ability to focus. Learn new strategies to assist with managing negative thoughts and difficult emotions, and ultimately improve your performance. 


Please join our team for an introduction to mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation strategies. These techniques have been shown to enhance wellness, improve relationships, mitigate stress, reduce anxiety, and alleviate symptoms of depression.  


Join us for an hour of relaxation as we teach you a few stress management and coping techniques to utilize whenever you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Social distancing may have interrupted our usual routines, but with our techniques we can stay on top of self care and connect with others. Walk away feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and connected.
Join us for an opportunity to ground yourself in your goals and reminding yourself why you are on this journey, through virtual art. Create with others and take the time to re-imagine your dreams.  
Join us for an overview of Palomar’s Health Services. Learn how our medical team in the Student Health Center provides a range of basic medical services for our students. You will also learn about Behavioral Health Counseling Services, where our goal is to help students benefit fully from the college experience by supporting their personal, social and emotional well-being. We will share upcoming wellness events and you'll have an opportunity to get your questions answered by our nurse! 
This presentation brings the opportunity to the public to learn foundational information on substances like Marijuana, Alcohol, Vaping, and Tobacco. The presentation defines Substance Use Disorder and provides background on the most commonly misused substances.
 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we invite you to join TrueCare for education about breast cancer. Learn about ways you can lower your risk factors as well as the importance of screeningsmammograms, well woman exams and early detection.  


Why do we sleep? Join TrueCare to learn about the benefits of having adequate sleep as well as why developing healthy sleeping habits is important for your overall health. 
Please join WRC’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Stacey Eltzroth at Palomar College as she educates the community about issues surrounding the topics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Stacey Eltzroth is the Community  Outreach  Coordinator for the non-profit organization WRC that has been serving clients since 1974 and focuses on reviving courage and empowering lives for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Her current role within WRC is to educate the community and bring awareness to these issues.


Education on heart health provides a better understanding of what the heart does, how it works and why a strong heart is important for overall health.

Vista Community Clinic will give a presentation during the Great American Smoke Out about smoking cessation and present the latest program for curbing the vaping  epidemic.
Healthcare coverage is a right for everyone! NCHS will provide education about the importance of health coverage, understanding the process and how NCHS can help individuals apply. Learn about the importance of preventative care and regular doctor’s visits, such as health screenings and physicals.


Oral health education is an opportunity to inform individuals about serious  conditions that have been linked to poor oral health. The health of your mouth can affect the overall health of your body.
Vista Community Clinic will inform students about Big Tobacco latest scheme, E-cigarettes and flavors.


Education about birth control options is an opportunity to inform individuals about the reproductive system, reproductive life plan and options for pregnancy prevention.


Learn about services offered by the Access & Crisis Line during Suicide Awareness Month.


This presentation will be on Secondhand smoke and Smoke-free Outdoor  Dining. Vista Community Clinic will present the impact of 7,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke, how it effects our health, where we are exposed and what students can do to help change the law for outdoor restaurants in San Marcos.
Sexually transmitted disease health education is an opportunity to inform individuals about risky behaviors and how STD conditions can affect your reproductive health as well as your overall well-being.


Join the Student Health Center to learn about free to low cost medical and behavioral health counseling services offered to you wit your paid health fee.

Providing health education about healthy choices is an opportunity to inform individuals about how nutrients can provide you with energy, improve your overall health and help prevent serious conditions linked to poor eating habits.

Join the Student Health Center to learn about the Family PACT program and how you may be eligibility for free reproductive health and family planning services including birth control, pregnancy testing, STD testing, and more!

Education about cervical cancer to inform women ways they can lower their risk factors and teach women the differences between screenings, as well as the importance of well women exams and early detection.

Informing young adults about the benefits of having adequate sleep, as well as developing healthy sleeping habits is important for your overall health.

Play Jeopardy with us, learn about how our earth is being affected by cigarettes and vapes, and ways to help people quit smoking.

Mental Health education and awareness is an opportunity to reduce stigma and inform individuals about how your emotional, psychological and social well-being can potentially improve your overall health.

Emotional Health is just as important as any other aspect of health. This is an opportunity to bring awareness about emotional health and how to manage certain emotions to reduce stress and inform about self-awareness.

Come stretch, breathe and de-stress in this beginning yoga class with Candace Rose. Candace teaches film studies at Palomar College and loves practicing and teaching yoga too. Bring a yoga mat and/or blanket. All students are welcome!

Peer to Peer

Do you find yourself thinking, “I should already know this,” but you don’t. Do you have difficulty expressing yourself or communicating with others? We’ve all been there! In this workshop, we will provide you some insights on how to overcome self-doubt.


Are you a millennial? Do you think you know what millennials are like? Some would argue that millennials have been stereotyped as slackers and obsessed with social media. Is this really warranted? How can millennial stereotypes be challenged and what are the strengths of the millennial generation? Join us for an open conversation about this topic.
There are a wide range of websites out there that will help you find information about colleges, careers, professors, and transferring. Let us teach you how to access and guide your way through websites that will benefit you for years to come. Navigating eServices can be tricky. We will help you to understand  important features of eServices that will aid you in scheduling classes, accessing transcripts, and making payments.
Are you planning on transferring? Whether you know your dream transfer school or not, you should be exploring your transfer options. This Skillshop will provide you with        personal insights from recent transfer students regarding life as a transfer student.
Start the semester off on the right track. Develop good student habits and get organized. We can show you how!


Student Support Programs

What is EOP&S?

What are the Benefits?

Am I eligible?

Application Process and Deadlines

Please join our TRIO Student Support Services Program Informational as we will be going over our program services, program eligibility's, program application, and much more!! TRIO SSS is a federally funded program that is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Our main focus is to help student's from disadvantage backgrounds (first-generation student's, low-income student's, or student's with a disability) succeed in a post-secondary education. 

Student Life and Leadership

Learn about what The Office of Student Life & Leadership has to offer! Clubs and Activities, Associated Student Government, Food & Nutrition Center, The HUB Basic Needs, Student Rights and Responsibilities to name a few. 

Transfer Success

This workshop will highlight the coursework needed for transfer, review university choices, and discuss strategies for successful
transfer from Palomar to a university or college.
This workshop is for those new to college. It will highlight how to navigate and utilize resources: Math and English Placement, College Pathways, Palomar College Catalog, General Education, Major Preparation & more. 

Plan to Transfer to SDSU? Learn More about the Writing Assessment! If you are transferring to SDSU, you will need to take a writing assessment test. Come learn from three graders of this test what to expect and some hints and tips to help with taking it.