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CSU and UC Systemwide COVID-19 Notices

UC and CSU Reponses to Covid 19 Crisis

  CSU UC Special Notes

taken spring

and/or summer 2020


-For Golden Four

-All other GE

-All Major prep



-Yes- for all GE.

-No limitations (previously 14) on the number of units allowed to be taken Pass/No -Pass during this period (applies to students transferring in any year).

-UCSD (see p.2 for math exception), UCR, UCD, UCSB, UCI, UCB

ok for major prep

-Check with other UCs for acceptance of Pass/No Pass for major prep-


P/NP  cautions:

-This grading option should only be considered as a part of the admissions process only

-Pass/No pass may have consequences in future educational situations

-Graduate schools may not be indifferent to this grading option

-Programs where certifications or licensing are involved could have issues with this type of grading (I.e. nursing)

-Students going into Liberal Studies where they are hoping to have the CSET waiver need to take their major preparation for a grade

-Accounting students who plan to take the CPA exam may have a problem with this type of grade.

-TAG requirements for fall 2021 and later


60 units minimum


Golden 4 and

7 course patterns by the end of

spring 2020?


Must have at least 48 units and A-2 and B-4 by the end of summer 2020 before starting at CSU in fall 2020. Missing GE and major prep will still be required after transfer.


Most UC are leaning towards

holding students to the

60 units by the end of spring 2020. Completing minimum requirements by spring 2020 is a selection criterion used by many campuses. Students who will need summer coursework to meet minimum requirements due to spring course cancellations should work directly with their UC campus admissions office to determine any potential impact on an admissions decision.


-For CSU they suggest taking any missing Golden Four or major prep in the summer, if possible

-Conditionally admitted students to a CSU who are unable to complete their AD-T or transfer requirements and elect to stay at the CCC to complete these  courses may, as the discretion of the CSU, have their admissions deferred to the spring/winter 2021.

–Students conditionally admitted to the UC who anticipate “D” or “F” grades in spring 2020 need to notify the appropriate UC


Transcripts due dates


July 15 or earlier preferred, but accepted through fall 2020.  No offers of admission will be rescinded! July 1 strongly encouraged. Exceptions possible- contact appropriate UC. E-transcripts preferred (except UCD).

If a student cannot get a transcript sent – need to contact the UC school

SIR form and deposit fee dues dates


CSUSM-June 1

Deposit waiver available at

All other CSU on a case by case basis.


June 1

No extension given on decision or payment.

-Students who had an application fee waiver then the SIR fee is deferred until fall and is part of all expenses


-If a student did not get an application fee waiver and needs help with SIR, they need to contact the UC school


UC and CSU are being very flexible this year  Encourage students to try!