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Were you Denied Fall 2020?- Next Steps

Were you Denied Fall 2020?

  1. Appeal immediately!
  2. If you have time before the appeal is due, then meet with a counselor to assess the situation and determine if all minimum requirements have been met. Counseling appointment numbers:
    1. 760 891 7511
    2. 760 744 1150 x2552
  3. If you believe your denial was based on a technical error on the part of the university then make an appointment with the Transfer Center Director by calling 760 744 1150 x2552.
  4. Consider your options:
    1. Stay at Palomar to complete any outstanding lower division coursework that you still need or bump up your GPA and apply in October/November 2020 for Fall 2021 to a UC or CSU.
    2. Take a “gap” year. Consider an internship or entry level position in your area of interest, travel abroad, or work to build up some savings towards next year’s transfer.
    3. Participate in Cross-Enrollment by attending Palomar part-time and getting a head start at the university by taking an upper division course at CSUSM, SDSU or UCSD. E-mail the Transfer Center in for more information.
    4. Look at private school options with later application deadlines for Fall 2020.
    5. See what CSU Universities will open for Spring 2021: in late Spring and apply in August 2020. Work with a counselor to assure you have the course requirements for any new universities you are considering.
    6. Several UC’s are typically open for the winter of 2021. UC Riverside, UC Merced, or UC Santa Cruz may be options to consider for transfer into their Winter 2021 Quarter with a July 2020 application. Be sure to work with your counselor to identify additional courses that may be needed for a UC transfer.
  5. Check the Palomar College Transfer Center website for any relevant developments.