Hi everyone,

A little about me.  I grew up in the San Diego area, and when the time came for college I headed out east to attend the University of Miami.  After earning a BA in History with a focus on medieval history, I enrolled at Florida State University for my graduate studies.  I earned a MA in Medieval History and followed that up with a PhD in history focusing on the transition of Islamic eastern Spain into Christian Aragon in the thirteenth century.  My research has spanned from Europe through the Middle East and into Central Asia.  My area of expertise really is looking at societies in frontier areas and examining what made them similar, rather than what differences could drive them apart.

I have been at Palomar since 2011 and teach the Western Civilization sequence (Hist 105/106), the World History sequence (Hist 107/108) and a stand alone course on the history of the Islamic Middle East (Hist 160).

See the links for sample syllabi of all of my classes.