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Fall 2021 Course Information


COUN 110 : College Success71962Provides students with skills, tools, and techniques to reach educational objectives including time management, test taking, note taking, reading comprehension, memory development and more. Tuesdays & Thursdays
9:35 - 11:00 a.m.
Kyle Owens
* This class is linked with ENG 100+49. If you enroll in this course, you must also take ENG 100W+49
ENG 100 – English Composition
linked with
ENG 49 - Reading and Writing for College Composition
ENG 100: 72409
ENG 49: 72410
ENG 100: Practice in expository and argumentative writing based on analytical reading and
critical thinking. Topics include methods of invention, organization and development,
principles of basic research, and the elements of style.

ENG 49: English 49 offers support for students enrolled in English 100.
Instruction will cover academic reading, reasoning, and writing
expected for transfer and associate-degree courses. Students will
read a variety of texts, review rules of grammar and essay form,
and practice essay-writing​​.
OnlineRichard Carr, Jr.
* This class is linked with COUN 110. If you enroll in this course, you must also take COUN 100
SOC 110 – Social Problems70648This course requires students to identify and analyze present day social problems in the United States, with emphasis on sociological factors involved, while including cross-cultural and multicultural analysis. Students will use scientific methods of approaches to and criteria for evaluating proposals for social betterment. Topics include poverty and economic inequality; gender inequality; racial and ethnic inequality; problems in the family, government, education, and the economy; crime; drug use; warfare and violence, among others. A critical evaluation of the causes and solutions will be discussed and examined.
Online (Asynchronous)
Sterling Briggs
AS 101: African American History I72880African-Americans in the history of the U.S. from Africa through Reconstruction with emphasis on the trans-Atlantic slave trade; colonial period; relations between African Americans and Native Americans; African Americans, Native Americans, whites and the creation of "race"; development of plantation system, slavery; gender specific oppression; African Americans, Native Americans, and the Revolution; the constitution; free African Americans in North and South, emerging class distinctions and African American cultures; westward expansion; emergence of sectionalism; African American and white women and abolitionism in the context of the Great Awakening; the anti-slavery movement, including relations to the women rights movement; the American West and connections between Mexican/American and African American history; African Americans and the Civil War; Reconstruction and post-war adjustments, including role of the African American middle class and working class.Online (Asynchronous)Mychal Odom
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