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Current Student

Welcome Back!

Refer to our New Student portal if it has been one year or more since your last certification here at Palomar College.

Guide to Online Certifications for Current Students:

With concern regarding the transmission of COVID-19, the Veterans Resource Center will temporarily allow students to certify their classes for the semester and add/drop classes from a current certification using an online format. All forms must be submitted to

Any correspondence via email must be done from your Palomar student email. Documents submitted from personal emails will not be accepted.

Guides to determine which classes will be considered residential:

This is information pulled from the catalog before the COVID-19 lockdown changes. Check the location of the class to determine if it was originally considered residential or online.

Summer Guide 
Fall Guide

Change of major for current students:

You must schedule a counseling appointment with one of our veterans’ counselors. After your scheduled counseling appointment, your counselor will email you a copy of your declaration of major and education plan. You must sign the declaration of major, and submit that and the education plan to, along with all other required documents.

Follow these steps if you attended the previous semester at Palomar:

  1. Enroll in classes via eServices.
    • How to select which classes to enroll in.
      • Evaluation of Major –  once your official evaluation has been completed, it will be emailed to you and kept on file in the Veterans Office. This evaluation can be used as a tool in determining what classes to take toward your official declared major.
      • Education Plan – You can view your Educational Plan via eServices from your student center.  Here you can find the General Education guide assigned to your major along with your declared major and external major (if you are transferring).
      • Advising Guide/College Catalog/ – Using these you can pull up the  General EducationMajor, and External Major associated with your major and fill in the blocks. Read all notes and ensure any previous classes from other schools are applied as well. The VA only pays for classes REQUIRED for each category.
  2. Fill out and email these forms from your PALOMAR STUDENT EMAIL to ( ). 
    • Semester Certification Request: Students must complete this form each semester and turn it into the VRC. Fill this form out and save the file with your last name and student ID as the name (e.g. smith123456789) and email to with "Certification Request" in the subject line FROM YOUR PALOMAR STUDENT EMAIL.
    • Evaluation Request: (MAJOR CHANGE ONLY). Request form for the school to process an evaluation request on student’s transcripts and current major(s). Required by the VA. Fill this form out and save the file with your last name and student ID as the name (e.g. smith123456789) and email to with "Eval Request" in the subject line FROM YOUR PALOMAR STUDENT EMAIL.
    • Add/drops for current certification: Email changes to – your email MUST include your first and last name, Palomar student ID# and what courses you are requesting to add and/or drop from your certification. EMAIL FROM YOUR PALOMAR STUDENT EMAIL.

(*Files in Adobe Acrobat PDF format work best with Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the FREE Acrobat Reader.)

Note: Federal privacy laws restrict the type of information we provide on the phone. We can only provide general information to students regarding their file. Parents and Spouses are reminded that we cannot provide information about the student without a written release signed by the student authorizing staff to discuss the record.

How many units are considered full time?

16 weeks8 weeks6 weeks4 weeksPay Status
Units12643Full Time
94323/4 Time
732.51.5>1/2 Time
No BAH6211<= 1/2 Time
Note: Post 9/11 Education Benefit pays to the nearest 10% of the student status. For example, if you are considered ¾ time (75%) the VA will pay 80% of the full-time BAH rate.


Summer 2020

4 week (1)May 26-June 19
6 weekJune 22- Jul 31
8 weekJune 22-Aug 14
4 week (2)June 22-Jul 17
4 week (3)Jul 20-Aug 14
Summer Registration Info:
March 13: Online Class Schedule
April 16: Hard Copy Class Schedule
April 27: Registration Begins

Fall 2020

16 weekAug 24-Dec 19
8 week (Fast Track I)Aug 24-Oct 17
8 week (Fast Track II)Oct 19-Dec 19
Fall Registration Info:
April 10: Online Class Schedule
May 11: Hard Copy Class Schedule
June 4: Registration Begins