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Veterans FAQ’s

How do I apply for G.I. Bill benefits?

You can apply for your VA education benefits on the VA’s website, or follow the instructions on our New Veteran Student checklist

How do I start using my G.I. Bill benefits at Palomar College?

New Veteran Student checklist


Go to

How do I get Veteran Priority Registration?

If you’re using your GI Bill benefits, come into our office and fill out a Benefit Coding Request form. You will NOT need to show us your Certificate of Eligibility, DD-214, or VONAPP.

If you’re not using your GI Bill, Active duty and reservist members can come into the Veterans Services Office with a valid Military ID. Veterans can use their DD214 (member 4 copy) for priority registration for up to 15 years of getting out of the service.

How do I find out if I am considered an out of state resident?

Please contact our Admissions Office at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2164

How do I know what classes to take?

You should be making regular appointments with a Veterans Counselor to keep an updated Education Plan. Also, once your official evaluation has been completed, it will be emailed to you and kept on file in the Veterans Office. This evaluation can be used as a tool in determining what classes to take toward your official declared major.

How much BAH will I receive? You can verify your benefit amount from the VA’s website.

VA Rate Table

GI Bill Comparison tool

Will the VA pay for required prerequisites?

Yes, the VA WILL PAY for any REQUIRED prerequisites such as English 50 and Math 50.  They will also pay for remedial courses such as English 10 or Math 15 for students who have placed into these remedial classes on their assessment test, however the VA will not pay for these remedial classes to be taken online.

The VA will not pay for prerequisites for elective classes or some GE courses.

Will the VA pay for recommended classes?

No, the VA DOES NOT PAY for recommended classes.

How does the VA pay for short sessions?

For non-standard terms, such as Summer or fast track classes, the units are considered to count more than full standard semester units. Please contact the Veterans Services Office with the start and end dates and number of units so we can calculate the equivalent number of units you’ll be considered for. For example, an 8 week, 3 unit class is the equivalent of 6.75 units for VA purposes.

How many units are considered full time?


  16 weekSession 8 week Session 6 week Session 4 week Session Pay Status Equivalent
 Units 12 6 4 3 Full Time
9 4 3 2 ¾ time
6 3 2 1 ½ time

 Note: Post 9/11 GI Bill pays to the nearest 10% of the student status. For example, if you are considered ¾ time (75%) the VA will pay 80% of the full time BAH rate.

What happens if I stop attending class?


Always remember that the VA pays based on attendance. If a student stops attending a class, they must drop officially through the Palomar College Admission Office (eServices) or the professor has the right to drop you in accordance with Palomar attendance policy. Once the class is officially dropped, you need to report the drop to the Veteran’s Office. This is a student responsibility. Federal law requires that students’ report any change in enrollment status, which might affect their VA education benefits to the school and the VA.



What G.I. Bill benefits do I get?

Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)

  • CH 33 students receive a monthly housing allowance, a book stipend, tuition and fees paid directly to the school, and tutoring assistance. Additionally at Palomar, CH 33 students are given a Service Indicator which ensures they will not have to pay tuition and fees up front. CH 33 dependents are eligible for all the same benefits.

What if I am only eligible for a percentage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill?

  • If you were given a percentage rating from the VA, all of your benefits will be dispersed at that percentage rating. For example, if you were eligible for 60%, the VA would pay you 60% of the BAH rate, 60% of the tuition/fees to the school, and 60% of the book stipend. You would then need to pay the remainder 40% of the tuition/fees to the school.

“How do I know if I am eligible?”

  • Students who served at least 90 days of active duty after 09/10/2001 could be eligible. Some veterans who served 30 continuous days but were medically discharged could also be eligible. To know if you are eligible, a student must file a claim for benefits with the VA. The VA is the only entity who can determine eligibility.

Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30)

“I’m using CH 30, what is my monthly benefit?”

  • CH 30 students receive a monthly benefit based on a number of factors (time of service, “kickers”, and type of training a student is taking). To get a clear picture of what a student’s monthly benefit would be, they should call the VA education hotline. Note: no tuition/fees are paid directly to the school. The student is responsible for paying their tuition/fees in accordance with Palomar’s policy.

“What is the WAVE system?”

  • The WAVE system is a self-reporting tool the student must use to get paid. Monthly attendance is reported to the VA through the WAVE system. A student can call 1-877-823-1278 or verify their attendance through the VA’s website
  • CH 30 students do not receive a book stipend, but they are eligible to receive tutoring assistance.

“How do I know if I am eligible?”

  • There are many different eligibility requirements, the two most basic are graduated from high school/have a GED, and have received an honorable discharge. To determine eligibility, the student must file a claim for benefits through the VA.

 Dependent Education Assistance Program (Chapter 35)

“My dad was in the military and he said I can use CH 35. What do I do?”

  • CH 35 is a benefit that is afforded to dependents when a service member (their sponsor) is 100% disabled due to service-connected disabilities or they are deceased (KIA or had 100% rating at time of death). The student must file a claim for benefits with the VA to determine eligibility.
  • Children using this benefit generally have to be within the ages of 18-26. Spouses are eligible 10 years after the VA decides eligibility or 10 years after their spouse’s death.
  • CH 35 students must pay tuition and fees to the school, they receive a monthly allowance, and are eligible to use tutoring assistance. CH 35 students are also allowed to use Veterans Priority Registration while they are using their CH 35 benefits.

 Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31)

“How do I know if I can use CH 31 benefits?”

  • CH 31 eligibility is pretty complicated. Students have to partner up with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) at the San Diego Regional office to determine eligibility. It’s a process so advise the student to start ASAP. Generally speaking, students need at least a 30% service connected disability. First the student must apply for CH 31 on the VA’s website.

“I am eligible to use CH 31 benefits, what do I need to do?”

  • CH 31 students need to bring their 1905 form into the Veterans Services Office to be coded appropriately. This form can also come directly from the Voc Rehab counselor. CH 31 students still need to complete all requirements outlined on the New Student Checklist to use their benefits at Palomar.

“I heard I get everything paid for?”

  • CH 31 students do get vouchers for a variety of things at Palomar. The vouchers cover, required books, approved supplies, a parking pass, and a student ID card. Tuition and fees are paid by the VA to the school and the student only has to pay a $1.00 fee not covered by the VA each semester they use their benefits. Additional books, supplies, and devices are taken care of with the student’s VRC.

 What is required to use my GI BILL benefits at Palomar College?

Application for admissions to school and for the VA benefits – The admission application can be completed at from the admissions link.

You must complete a request for certification every semester after signing up for your classes with the VA office at Palomar IN PERSON in order to receive continuing benefits and in order to prevent delays in payment of benefits. If you do not fill out the “Request for Certification” form at our office we will assume that you are not a continuing student.  Translation:  IF you do not fill out a request for certification your benefits will not continue into the next semester.

What is the processing time for my benefits?

The Veterans Office strives to process all certification requests in under two weeks during peak time periods. Once your certification has been sent electronically to the VA, it depends on their processing times. You may call the VA @ 88-442-4551 for a processing time estimate.

Are all transcripts required?

FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES Veteran to submit OFFICIAL SEALED transcripts from all schools, colleges, training institutes, and technical schools attended to the Palomar College Records Office.  This includes all training and education received before entering active duty, as well as any received during service and after discharge, even if VA benefits were utilized for attending the course or program.  Military transcripts (JST or CCAF and USAFI tests) are also required.

Veteran Students using VA benefits must get their transcripts in prior to making an appointment with a Veterans counselor to get an Education Plan. This is to ensure accurate and complete counseling.

Foreign schools – Students with foreign school transcripts will need to have the foreign transcripts evaluated by an academic credentials evaluation service, and will need an official copy of the evaluation sent to the Palomar College Records Office.

How can I verify the pay-ability for classes?

  1. Consult with a Veteran counselor or Veterans Services.
  2. Refer to your evaluation, education plan, or
  3. Please be aware that when you turn in paperwork to Veterans Office your classes will be reviewed to see if they are payable, however you are responsible for registering in proper payable courses.
  4. If you decide to change majors you must do so officially through the Veterans Office.  A new Evaluation will be done for the new major, and classes will be checked for usability.

What are some extra programs that are available?

ROUND OUT ‑ is a program, which allows students who has a limited number of courses remaining in their program to add non‑required courses and be paid at a higher rate.   Round Out may only be used in the final semester of completing their declared program.  It may be used once at the community college level and once the university level.  For further information contact the Veterans Services Office.

TUTORING ‑ the VA provides a reimbursed tutoring program for Montgomery (Chapter 30), Vocational Rehabilitation students (Chapter 31), Chapter 32 (VEAP), Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), and Dependent Education Assistance Program (Chapter 35).  Chapter 1606 students do not receive a tutoring assistance allowance from the VA.  Free tutoring is available to veterans through Palomar College’s Math Department’s Math Lab and the Tutoring Center in the Library.  Ask for more information in the Veterans Services Office.

CAL VET PROGRAM ‑ The California Veterans Dependents Educational Assistance Program offers educational assistance to children and spouses of disabled or deceased veterans.  Dependents of POWS and MIAS, widow/ers of deceased veterans, and wives of 100%-disabled veterans may also be eligible.  Ask for more information in the Admissions Office or at

WORK STUDY PROGRAM – Montgomery (Chapter 30), Post 9/11 (Chapter 33), Selective Reserves (Chapter 1606/1607), Dependent Education Assistance Program (Chapter 35), VEAP (Chapter 32), and Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31) students who are receiving VA educational benefits of at least 3/4 time are eligible to apply for the VA work study program.  The program pays at a tax-free rate of $9 per hour.  Work-study positions are also available at the Vets Center in San Marcos and many VA facilities.  If you are interested in the work-study program stop by the Veterans Office for more details.

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